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09 Sep, 2021

Why I should let Vario by VELUX coordinate my rooflight replacement project

Considering replacing your rooflight? If so, then it’s wise to ensure its handled properly by experts who won’t just coordinate the entire project but also provide you with the best materials and support. With Vario by VELUX, you’ll have access to fully qualified and professional contractors who will handle your rooflight replacement project from start to finish, taking away all the usual stress and worry associated with a project like this.

Our Vario by VELUX rooflights are designed with the modern look in mind, with slimline dimensions and the best materials available on the market, our rooflights create a look that can’t be replicated by others. In this article, we explore why our customers replace rooflights during their roof renovation projects and lean on Vario by VELUX to coordinate the replacement from start to finish.

What do you need to consider for a rooflight replacement?

By talking to our customers every day, we understand what people want when it comes to a rooflight replacement, as a result, we’ve been able to put together a list of items you need to consider when it comes to a project like this:

Upgrade your look and design

Now is a great time to take out old rooflights that have seen better days and upgrade to a brand new modern rooflight that comes in a variety of sleek and long-lasting designs.

Doing so will upgrade not just the outside of your home on a visual level but also the interior as well, especially as Vario by VELUX rooflights come with a smooth inner finish that incorporates a single piece of glass that provides the modern home with maximum daylight coverage.

Improved efficiency

It’s not all about looks but efficiency as well. Not only will older rooflights likely have lost functionality, causing condensation, fogged glazing or even leakage, they can also be costly to maintain.

A fresh rooflight will provide your home with a more efficient solution that not only provides you with daylight but also minimise issues that older rooflights will encounter. A new rooflight will also allow you to enjoy a more eco-friendly way of allowing light and ventilation into your home.

Climate control

Is it too hot in your home when you're cooking or does the heat rise to unbearable levels during the summer months? You don’t have to suffer. Upgrade your home with a Vario by VELUX rooflight and you’ll not only have a sleek looking rooflight for your home but also smart home indoor climate control thanks to VELUX Active.

VELUX Active will automatically control and ventilate your home, as well as allow you to open your rooflights directly from your smartphone, giving you all the options you could ever possibly want.

An easy-to-understand process

Having Vario by VELUX on your rooflight replacement project is a simple and easy-to-follow process that allows you to have more time to yourself, as we ensure that the details are right the first time. The process is as follows:

1. If you have identified that your rooflights need replacing, then fill in a rooflight replacement service form

2. When the form has been submitted, we will give you a phone call to understand your project better and to receive relevant information and pictures

3. We’ll coordinate a site visit to your home so our trusted contractors can inspect the roof and understand what it would take include or upgrade a daylight solution

4. You will receive a quotation that has a fixed price and is transparent, along with a project plan so you understand the scope and next steps of the project

5. We will call to discuss the final quotation and timeline, where we will ask for a 50% deposit before we initiate the job and place the rooflight order (if agreed)

6. According to the discussed timeline, the contractors will take care of everything, carrying out all the work to the highest standards, so your fit quality matches the quality of your new rooflights

7. Once completed and you are satisfied with the job, we’ll request the final 50% payment.

Installing a new rooflight (whether brand new or upgrading from an old rooflight) requires a lot of time and expertise to ensure it’s as best as it can be, after all, it’s not a project you want to keep repeating year-on-year should it go wrong. With Vario by VELUX in charge, you’ll enjoy a project that is delivered on time and in budget, whilst also enjoying a daylight drenched dream home with modern and sleek rooflights that incorporate the best in technology, installed directly and hassle free into your home.

Talk to our Daylight Experts today

If you need more detailed information on how to upgrade an old rooflight or install a brand new rooflight into your home then get in touch with one of our Daylight Experts today. Not only will they be able to walk you through the process but also ensure that you maximise the full potential of your home by getting the look that you want. Contact us today and take your ideal home from your dreams and into reality. 

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