14 Mar, 2019

Light up your life: How to create a healthier, happier home

It may surprise you to know that we spend a staggering 90% of our lives indoors. What’s more, this is frequently in dark and poorly ventilated housing that is more likely to make us ill. But all is not lost, by understanding how to create a healthy interior environment, we can be as happy indoors as out.

Dark houses make us 1.6 times as likely to be ill

According to the Healthy Homes Barometer, single family occupancy homes that are dark report illness 1.6 times more than those that are light. Adding indoor lighting can help you be healthier!

People who enjoy light get better sleep

A study of office workers revealed that workers who had windows in their offices, providing better indoor lighting, got on average 46 minutes more sleep than those without.

Good ventilation equals better health

Can you believe that 84 million Europeans currently live in buildings so damp and mouldy that they are a potential threat to physical and mental wellbeing? Poor indoor air can provoke a whole range of illnesses from headaches and sore eyes to allergies, asthma – and worse. For example, people are 40% more likely to have asthma when living in a damp and mouldy home.

What’s the solution?

For most of us, moving home is a big deal and something that we usually can't afford to do right away, even if we know our current house doesn’t have the right indoor lighting or ventilation. But for many, renovation is the answer. 73% of European homeowners cite improved well-being as a driver for renovation.

And the good news is that the government is trying to help remove the barriers to renovation, by subsidies or legislation. For example, the recent review of the EPBD (European Performance of Buildings Directive) includes requirements on indoor climate which, if correctly implemented by member states, should promote more renovation and healthier, more efficient buildings across Europe.

Ready to explore an indoor lighting infused renovation for a healthier happier home? Start designing your dream now.


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