01 Jan, 0001

Information for European VELUX customers about CE marking

From 1st July 2013 the Construction Product Directive (CPD) is replaced by the Construction Products Regulation, CPR 305/2011, which makes it mandatory within the EU for construction products covered by a harmonised European standard to be CE marked. We can therefore confirm that all VELUX Roof Windows, Flat Roof systems, Modular Skylights, smoke ventilation, glazing units, external awning blinds and shutters covered by a harmonised standard are CE marked according to the Construction Product Regulation.

For further information, please refer to the CE marking folder.

To retrieve your product specific Declaration of Performance, please follow this link, type in your specific product code. The product code can either be found in our Online Configurator or at your product’s type sign, which is located on the interior lining of your rooflight. 

VELUX CE Marking

This will create your product specific Declaration of Performance.