Key Benefits

  • Fully bespoke sizes to suit your space and style, from 250 mm to 3000 mm with an impressive maximum of 2.25 medge-to-edge view of the skies above
  • Superior energy efficiency, achieving an astonishingly low thermal transmittance of Uw 1.1 W/(m2K), according to EN 14351-1 and with a 0.5 Ug value
  • All our opening rooflights are operated wirelessly and include a rain sensor as default
  • Vario’s rooflights come with a laminated inner glazing as standard, for superior safety in the unlikely case of breakage
  • Includes a 150 mm insulated wooden upstand


  • Vario’s opening feature allows natural, healthy ventilation of your home, the mechanism is completely invisible as the motor is beautifully integrated into the upstand
  • Upgrade your opening window with VELUX Active with NETATMO. VELUX Active is our newest Smart Home addition, which ensures a healthy indoor climate and smartphone operation
  • The walk-on feature is available to you on all fixed square edged rooflights up to 2 m2
  • Choose Sun Protection glazing to reduce the heat gain by at least 30% – ideal for rooflights oriented towards the South or West
  • For optimal security for your home choose the burglary resistance feature that has been tested according to EN 1627:2011 & NEN 5096:2012+A1:2015
  • Blinds are available for most sizes and you will be able to choose between 3 standard colours and they are pre-fitted during production
10 Years Guarantee
Applies to all Vario by VELUX rooflights, including glazing units.
Daylight Experts
We're here to help whenever you need us, before, during and after you install your bespoke rooflights.
Safety & Security
Our rooflights have laminated inner panes to ensure your safety and come with a burglary resistance option.
Smart Home
A sensor-based-operation of your rooflights & full indoor climate control using your smartphone.


The Rectangular Rooflight is ideal for kitchens as it aligns perfectly with the shape of most creative culinary spaces, allowing you to flood your worktops with natural light. The rectangular window is the type of Vario by VELUX rooflight which provides the largest clear internal measurement, with the potential of achieving an astonishing 1330 mm in length and 3000 mm in width. It can achieve fully customised spans of up to 4 m2 with a maximum ratio between the shortest and longest side of 1:6.

When designing your Rectangular Rooflight, you have the flexibility of a huge array of helpful features, such as:

  • Different insulating glazing units
  • Motorised ventilation
  • Walk-on capability for roof terraces
  • Other great custom features

If you want to create a rectangular rooflight larger than maximum span of the Rectangular Rooflight, we recommend our Unlimited Rooflight, which can be a combination of any of our square edges shapes, long, rectangle or square in any combination to create a span of sky that is a perfect fit for your space.

For example you might choose to combine three Rectangular Rooflights, so three times 1000 mm x 1916 mm in an aesthetically pleasing combi-installation, providing 6000 mm roof opening, with two minimalistic beams of 126 mm connecting the modules.



Our insulated glazing units offer you the option of double glazing or triple glazing units for your rooflight. Choose double glazing for the maximum daylight drenching effect or triple glazing if superior energy saving eco credentials are your priority. Our advanced Sun Protection offers significant heat reduction, without any green/blue tint in the glazing.

All our glazing units:

  • Come with a laminated inner pane, which we consider a prerequisite for safety measures. The lamination also eliminates the risk of UV rays fading your interior furnishing.
  • Use three different glazing constructions to ensure the best quality and durability for our larger glazing units
  • Have warm edge spacers to ensure a thermal breakage and energy efficiency
  • Come with a 115 mm black silk screen to protect the underlying gasket system and for aesthetic purposes

As an example, our triple glazing has a LowE coating with a superior insulating value of Ug 0.5 and a light transmittance of 71%. We use an 8 mm toughened outer pane and a 12.76 mm (66.2) laminated inner pane, separated by two argon gas fillings for thermal performance. See all the specific values of our glazing constructions in our glazing table.

frame construction
Frame construction

Frame Construction

All our lightweight aluminium rooflight frames are:

  • Designed to work perfectly with our laminated insulating glazing units
  • Crafted from highly durable and strong 5 mm aluminium, selected for its high corrosion resistance, joint strength and malleability
  • Treated with a polyester powder coating to ensure a tough, weather and corrosion resistant, durable finish
  • Powder coated with our standard RAL 7043 Traffic Grey

We have constructed specific aluminium frames for our double glazing units and our triple glazing units, to ensure that the pane is positioned as low as possible in the construction, which ensures an ultimate insulating value for the rooflight.



The Rectangular Rooflight comes with a wooden upstand that uses EPS foam as insulation to keep your home snug. The natural wood allows for an easy and safe installation and is a perfect match to the remaining rooflight construction.

Our upstands come with:

  • A sleek L-shaped white aluminum profile (RAL 9010) around the edges, the groove ensures an easy installation of the lining providing a beautiful glass to edge inner finish.
  • The possibility of pre-installed light dimming or blackout blinds 
  • A superior pre-fitted gasket system, ensuring a 100% tight and secure connection between the frame and upstand construction
  • An external surface of untreated waterproof plywood, which is great for applying roofing felt or other flat roofing materials

Our upstands come in 150 mm and 300 mm, depending on project requirements and architectural specifications. 



As all Vario by VELUX rooflights are bespoke products and individually made to order, the Declaration of Performance [DoP] will be unique for each roof window. Some of the essential characteristics will be based on product type, size and variant you choose for your long window. The specific DoP will be generated through our online DoP configurator, for each individual product. 

If you would like to request a specific DoP, please contact us.



Everything from integrated motor, wireless remote controls to rain sensor is included when buying our opening roofligts. Our wireless remote controls let you easily control your rooflights at the push of a button. We use the proprietary VELUX communication protocol (iO Home Control®), which ensures complete integration to all electrical products from the VELUX Group.


To provide you with peace of mind when opening your windows, we always include our sleek rain sensor, which automatically closes your rooflight in case of a sudden cloudburst. We offer VELUX ACTIVE which is an automatic, sensor-based operation system that monitors temperature, humidity and CO2 levels and automatically operates your rooflights and other VELUX products directly from your smart phone using the VELUX ACTIVE app. Enjoy easy and fast installation all at a price of £192,00 ex VAT. Read more here.

velux active smart homes vario by velux
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Rectangular One Product Documentation
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Installation Guide for the fixed Rectangular One
Cross Section - Fixed Rooflight
Upstand 150 mm (PDF)
Cross Section - Fixed Rooflight
Upstand 300 mm (PDF)
Cross Section - Fixed Rooflight
Upstand 150 and 300 mm (DWG)
Cross Section - Opening Rooflight
Upstand 150 mm (PDF)
Cross Section - Opening Rooflight
Upstand 300 mm (PDF)
Cross Section - Opening Rooflight
Upstand 150 and 300 mm (DWG)