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Smart Home Climate Control

VELUX Active is the easy way to a healthier indoor climate. Control light, ventilation and temperature yourself via a smart phone application, VELUX Active with NETATMO, or automate the process, scheduling products to match your day-day routine. Compatible with our electrically Opening Rooflights and Blinds. Whats included? 

  • Your VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO kit includes: one indoor climate sensor, one departure switch and one gateway. Both the kit and the smartphone app are required to install VELUX ACTIVE in your home.
  • VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO app: Gain full control of your indoor climate. Adjust your Opening Roflight from anywhere and set temperatures, ventilation and more with the push of a button.
  • VELUX ACTIVE gateway: The gateway connects your Vario by VELUX electric products, indoor climate sensor and departure switch together. The Gatway also connects to the internet via your Wi-Fi router, enabling operation of your Vario by VELUX products from your smart phone. Only one gateway is needed for each house or apartment.
  • VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate sensor: The indoor climate sensor continuously measures temperature, humidity and air quality (CO2 levels) in your space. Set rooms to specific temperatures and watch as the rooflight automatically closes or opens depending on the temperature level. Use the switch on the sensor to open and close your opening rooflights if your mobile phone is not accessible.
  • VELUX ACTIVE departure switch: Tap the departure switch on your way out your home to close your all your opening rooflights quickly and easily. 

The Easy Way To Healthier Living

VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control starter kit to your home to make your indoor climate healthier and more comfortable – intelligently. See the benefits: 

Get insight into your homes health with the VELUX Active dashboard. The new indoor air quality dashboard displays the status of the room, notifying you instantly if the air quality is good, or bad.
You can now view the history of temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, for a 24-hour, 7-day or 30-day period, displayed in an easy-to-read donut chart.

  • Ensure good sleeping conditions: 72% of Europeans do not air out their bedrooms before going to sleep
  • Strive for comfortable temperatures: 37% of Europeans value low energy costs over comfortable temperatures
  • Let in fresh air: 59% of Europeans air out their homes less than the recommended two times a day
  • Let in daylight: 76% of Europeans compensate for insufficient access to daylight by turning on artificial light
  • Avoid humidity:  49% of Europeans do not place priority on avoiding too much humidity

*Healthy Homes

velux active smart homes vario by velux rooflights
Sensor-Based Ventilation
VELUX ACTIVE tracks temperature, humidity and CO2-levels, and ventilates to keep your indoor climate nice and healthy.
App & Voice Controlled
A sensor-based-operation of your rooflights & full indoor climate control using your smartphone or Smart Home systems such as Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit.
INTEGRA®  compatibility
Our Smart Home system is compatible with all Vario by VELUX opening rooflights and all other VELUX INTEGRA®
Airtight Data Security
VELUX ACTIVE lives up to the same high, GDPR-compliant standard for data security as our VELUX INTEGRA® products.
Starter Kit

One App, Endless Possibilities

Your VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO starter kit includes: one indoor climate sensor, one departure switch and one gateway. Both the starter kit and the smartphone app are required to install VELUX ACTIVE in your home.

  • Sensor-based ventilation: Smart sensors continuously monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels and open or close your roof windows accordingly.
  • Stay in control: Use the VELUX ACTIVE app to operate your Vario by VELUX rooflights from anywhere using your smartphone.
  • Voice-control: Voice-control come as standard, enabling you to take control just by asking. Our Smart Home system is compatible with Apple HomeKit & Google Assistant.
  • Easy installation: VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control can be installed without any professional help.
Get Started

Install, Customise & Enjoy

Anyone with an opening Vario by VELUX rooflight or any other VELUX electric product can get started with VELUX ACTIVE in no time. Here is how:

1. Buy the VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO Starter Kit

2. Download the VELUX ACTIVE app for Android & iOS

3. Follow the four-step installation video guide

4. Enjoy a better indoor climate

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