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We're here to support you with your rooflight design and purchase in any way we can. All you have to do is ask our daylight experts!
We can help you design your dream home, using natural light from bespoke rooflights.
Daylight Design
Share your ideas and get help from someone who shares your passion for beautiful design.
Inspiration insights
Ask us about inspirational notes and insights that will serve as a stimulus to create your perfect daylight oasis.
Product Counselling
If you're not sure which Vario by VELUX rooflight you need, we can guide you to your perfect match.
Installation Guidance
Get support and guidance to help your rooflight installation be smooth and stress free.
BIM Objects

Sketch and create with our rooflights

For over 75 years, the VELUX Group has been the byword for innovation in daylight and fresh air solutions. Over the years we have worked with a huge number of different architects, so we know that detailed specifications, technical file formats and cross section drawings can save you lots of time and effort.

We have gathered a host of useful resources for you to quickly and easily create stunning projects. Feel free to download our BIM objects that are available for Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp. If you have any questions, please give us a call.
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RIBA Approved CPD

Extend your knowledge

Are you looking to continuously expand your knowledge? If the answer is yes, book a RIBA approved CPD with Vario by VELUX bespoke rooflights.

The presentation will explore the significance of daylight, outline the fundamental health, wellbeing and psychological benefits of daylight, inspire you with the creative design potential of Vario by VELUX, and examine specification considerations, technical details and relevant case studies.

Moreover, we will consider how flexible and bespoke roof windows products can give architects the tools to create “special architectural events” to help achieve this sense of delight and joy in the residential sector. 

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CE Marking & DoP

Tested against the toughest of weathers

If you have already taken delivery of a product and wish to retrieve your product-specific Declaration of Performance, please click the button below and type in your specific product code. This can be found on the interior lining of your rooflight. This will then create your product-specific Declaration of Performance.

If you need to understand specific characteristics or properties of a particular product before ordering, please contact our Daylight Experts, so they can help you to get what you need quickly and easily. 

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Installation Guides

Smooth installation

You want to ensure your installation is secure, smooth and seamless, so we've done all we can to help you by creating easy-to-use, intuitive installation guides. Download the simple step-by-step guide for your bespoke Vario by VELUX rooflight.

If you cannot find the information your are looking for, please contact our Daylight Experts.

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installation guides

Infinitely customisable rooflights

Don't let anything hold you back from realising your design vision. The Vario by VELUX rooflight range offers almost infinite possible combinations of shapes, sizes and features including walk-on, ventillated, triple glazed and different colour rooflights.

We have developed a world-class roof window designer to simplify your journey towards making your inspiration a reality. You can easily configure different blends and options for the products, while seeing them in detailed high-resolution 3D renderings. 

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Vario by VELUX Brochure

Vario by VELUX rooflight range

Support your sales process with our professionally designed and written guide to the Vario by VELUX rooflight range, offering inspirational insights alongside the technical information you need to have to hand. The sales brochure provides information about the benefits of our rooflights.

You can explore all the possible options for shapes, sizes, configurations and features, plus helpful elements like the product guarantees, technical specifications, case studies and much more. 

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Technical Drawings

You bring the vision, we'll sort the details

Understanding the construction and materials used in each aspect of your project is important to you and therefore it's essential to us that we help you do this as simply as possible. We've gathered technical drawings for every Vario by VELUX rooflight and made them available for you here in PDF and DWG formats.

If you can't easily find what you are looking for, please contact our Daylight Experts.

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