Bespoke Blinds
Enjoy Daylight Differently
The Vario by VELUX translucent roller blinds provide both light dimming while allowing you privacy, making it the perfect choice for dining spaces, living rooms, home offices and playrooms. Learn more about the benefits of adding blinds, where to add them, and how to install them.
bespoke blinds vario by velux
Daylight Control

Why add blinds

The translucent roller blind provides both light dimming and privacy, making it the perfect choice for dining spaces, living rooms, home offices and playrooms. Easy to install, our blinds are available in white, grey and black and have a slim and aesthetic design. What's more, all our rooflights have the option to come with a pre-installed blind prior to delivery. 

  • Slim & aesthetic design: Our simplistic design allows for maximum light when not in operation 
  • App ControlAs all our blinds are electrically motorized, they will be able to be controlled with our innovative app control
  • Enhanced Fabric: For increased light reduction, we have a choice of an aluminum coated fabric for an enhanced light dimming effect
  • Pre-installed: As default, when you purchase a rooflight, we offer the option of pre-installing your preferred blind, prior to delivery
Room Recommendation

Where to add blinds

It is worth keeping in mind that our blinds provide privacy whilst still allowing in natural light. They are a perfect addition for:

  • Living rooms in order to obtain a truly dramatic, striking effect that creates a stunning ambient light effect and transforms the entire character of your space.
  • Kitchen spaces as the design is subtle and aesthetic, while allowing you to dim & control daylight over your worktops, communal areas like breakfast bars and dining spaces.
  • Home offices and playrooms as it is perfect for preventing screen glares, seasonal overheating as the day passes by, making one more productive, yet relaxed. 
  • Bedrooms if you are not keen on the full blackout effect, and prefer a light dimming & soothing effect of a never-ending summer afternoon feeling.
bespoke blinds vario by velux
velux active blinds vario by velux
App Control

On & off at your fingertips

The electric blinds can be added to all Fixed, Opening, Walk-on and Unlimited products (with few exceptions). Besides the remote, we have also included the app control feature allowing you to open and close the blinds from your smart phone. Once you have full VELUX Active kit, the blinds will be visible there as well.

  • Remote: The blinds come with a ready to use remote wall switch
  • App control: As standard the blinds come with the possibility to operate the blinds from your smart phone
  • VELUX Active: You can upgrade to the full VELUX Active kit, providing you with automated heat-control 

Retrofit installation kit

If you are an existing customer and already have a Vario by VELUX rooflight installed, you will be able to purchase a retrofit package, which will allow you to add blinds to your existing rooflights. We have created an easy installation kit that you can purchase and if you need help installing, we can always reach out to a partner.

The installation kit includes:

  • Bespoke blind(s) matching your rooflight solution, perfectly
  • Easy Installation Guide
  • Remote control
  • Control unit for fixed solutions only
  • App control

No matter what rooflight solution you are opting for, we will gladly support you during the entire blind retrofit installation process.

retrofit bespoke blinds vario by velux