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18 Nov, 2020

VELUX ACTIVE for your Vario by VELUX rooflight

Smarter Skies: Introducing Future-Proof Roof Windows

Now you can have roof windows that are as smart as you are. Here at VELUX, we’ve paired up with the tech wizards at NETATMO to bring you the world’s first ’plug-and-play’ smart home system for windows. 

VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO is compatible with all VELUX INTEGRA® electrical products, such as those you’ll find available on our Vario by VELUX bespoke flat roof windows. It brings together a smartphone app, an indoor climate sensor, a departure switch and an internet gateway, run by advanced algorithms that control the fully-automated operation of roof windows, blinds and shutters.

What does it do?

Carefully crafted using the very latest smart-sensor technology, our smart windows system takes the hard work out of keeping your home healthy and comfortable. The plug and play system monitors the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration inside your home and then takes action to improve air quality, climate, ventilation and sun screening, automating optimal indoor living conditions. Then manual and app based controls can put you back in the driving seat whenever you want. 

Sounds good, tell me more…

- Plug and play: Installation is child’s play. Simply take the products out of the box, plug in, pair and you’re ready to go!

- Secure: The departure gate allows you to ensure everything closes securely as you leave your home and the security in the app ensures your data stays safe too. Forgotten to push the button? Don’t worry, you can close everything up from the app, without the need to run back through the door.

- Beautifully integrated: The system works with Apple HomeKit, so you can use your iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, Apple TV or HomePod to take a more active role in controlling your home environment. And it works with Siri too, so you can use it hands free!

Smart sensors for stress free wellbeing

Simply place a sensor in any room with a roof window installed. It measures CO2, humidity and temperature and monitors external weather data from online services. The sensors are powered by highly advanced algorithms that activate ventilation and protect against heat, without you needing to lift a finger

Our unique ventilation algorithm keeps your home fresh and healthy, using the sensor to measure CO2, humidity and temperature, plus external data received from online weather forecast services that report temperature, wind and humidity. It then cleverly calculates whether opening the roof window will make your indoor environment more comfortable and improve air quality, then figures out what degree the window needs to open and for how long to achieve this. The final check before opening the roof window, is to make sure that it is not raining. The algorithm receives this data from the rain sensor integrated in your VELUX INTEGRA® electrical roof window. (See, we told you it was smart!)

Our proactive heat protection algorithm closes the shutter or blind before the room gets too hot. It takes an input from an online weather service, including temperature, forecast conditions and length of the day, and calculates the risk of a room overheating. It then works out when (and for how long) shutters and blinds should be rolled down to prevent overheating

There’s an app for that

The app allows you complete visibility of the climate in your home, whether you’re enjoying the morning sunshine in your kitchen or taking a trolley for a spin at your local supermarket. All the predefined settings are easy to adjust, so you can personalise your home environment with a high degree of precision and flexibility.

Getting an early night or enjoying a refreshing dawn workout? Easy shortcut buttons allow you to close down for the night or throw back the blinds and welcome in the day at a touch of a button.

Will it work for me?

In short, probably! Most of our VELUX roof windows, blinds, awning blinds and shutters can be easily connected with the new VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control. Check this quick guide to see if your products will work with our latest invention.

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