04 Apr, 2019

Daylight helps you do more: The new productivity secret

Are you looking for an edge in the workplace? Improve your kids’ test scores? Or just looking to boost productivity, banish fatigue and get more done with your day? Scientists say that increasing your exposure to natural light could be the answer. Healthy homes and workplaces are the new productivity secret!

Now, we say new, but actually this has been true for the whole history of our species, it’s just recently that we’ve started to fully understand the impact of daylight on our productivity and health. Here’s how it works:

The Right Light Helps You Sleep Tight

Bright days and dark nights, combined with cool light in the morning and warm light in the evening contribute to markedly better sleep. And great sleep means you’re able to concentrate harder for longer during your day, improving productivity.

Daylight Helps You Work Harder And Smarter

Studies have proven the link between daylight and improved mood, enhanced morale, less fatigue, and reduced eye strain. Many studies also show that the performance and productivity of workers can increase with the quality of light. Companies have recorded an increase in productivity of their employees of about 15% after moving to a new building with better daylight conditions which resulted in considerable financial gains.

Daylight Makes Your Kids Brighter

Studies also show that daylit environments lead to more effective learning. It was found that students in classrooms with the most window area or daylighting produced 7% to 18% higher scores on the standardised tests than those with the least window area or daylight.

Daylight Can Help You Live Longer

Studies show that an increased exposure to daylight can have a positive effect on your longevity as well as your productivity. So if you’re really looking to fit more in, this could be critical. Imagine how much more you could do if you had a few more months or years to play with! A healthy home could be the key to a long life!

Now you know what an incredible effect you can achieve with a liberal dose of natural light, let’s start imagining how we can let more into your home…


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