25 Mar, 2019

Go big or go home: Our tips for planning a stunning extension

House extensions have become one of the most popular activities for British homeowners. Single storey, multi-storey, basement excavations, there are limitless possibilities. But how do you make sure your planned house extension results in perfection? Here are a few tips to help you during those early, exciting days of imagining your dream extension…

Use Every Inch Wisely

This is a good time to get to know the neighbours if you haven’t already. Do your research of all the house extensions that have been done on homes similar to yours in the local area. See what you like or don’t like in each. Observe what different types of house extension did for the value of the properties when they sold. Make a note of any really smart uses of space you’ve seen.

Similarly take a look online at spaces similar to the one you’re planning and see what they’ve done with the same sort of extended area. A house extension is a big investment, so you want to make sure you make the most of the opportunity it offers.

Plan Your Light As Well As Your Space

What’s in a space is really only part of the effect of a house extension. Much of achieving your optimal living environment will come from how you use light as well as fixtures and furnishings. If you’re working with an architect, they’ll probably do this for you, but it’s worth asking whether there are any better ways to let in more light.

If you’re planning your own extension, let your inner designer get creative and think about where spans of glass would add stunning features and bathe your new space in natural light.

Get Planning For Your Actual Plan

Make sure you are happy with your planned house extension before you submit it for planning permission. Making modifications after you’ve had planning permission can be costly, upset the neighbours, add to your stress levels if you have to apply for retrospective permission and even result in you having to remove the features you set your heart on if objections are upheld.

Ready to start planning with a purpose? We can help you bring your dreams and designs to life.


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