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11 Mar, 2020

Choose health: Choose an opening rooflight to provide fresh air at home

Not sure whether you should add opening to your rooflight? It could benefit your wellbeing in ways you hadn’t anticipated. In this article we’ll look at the main reasons that opening rooflights make a great addition to your home. 

Did you know that 73% of European homeowners cite improved well-being as a driver for renovation? Choosing a rooflight with an opening feature gives both practical and health benefits. The opening rooflights provide double the health benefits from natural light and ventilation.  

We all want to live happier, healthier lives and ideally without making too much effort outside our normal routine. Choosing a rooflight with an opening feature gives both practical and health benefits. Natural daylight isn’t the only way a rooflight can improve a property. In fact, rooflights that open can provide a number of other benefits, making them an ideal choice for both refurbishment and new-build projects

Natural, healthy ventilation of the home 

You probably know that we spend a lot of time indoors, after all the weather in the UK frequently makes time outside feel like a really poor choice. But, did you know that on average we spend 90% of our lives indoors? What’s more, this is frequently in dark and poorly ventilated housing that is more likely to make us ill. Poor ventilation can take a child from good health to poor health, with its links to higher levels of asthma, allergies, eczema, and lower and upper respiratory conditions (Source: Healthy Homes Barometer 2019).  

Today, about 10-15 percent of new cases of childhood asthma in Europe can be attributed to indoor exposure to dampness and mould. This exposure can be linked to more than 37,000 years of healthy life lost for European children. 

To put this into perspective, the WHO points at second-hand smoke as one of the most harmful exposure risks in the indoor environment. In terms of loss of ‘healthy’ life years, exposure to dampness and mould is about a third of the impact of harmful second-hand smoke. 

Improve your indoor environment 

Good air quality, sufficient access to daylight and adequate ventilation are important for creating a healthy indoor environment. Choosing a rooflight with an opening that automatically opens, and closes is an easy way to ensure the right ventilation for a healthy indoor environment where your family can thrive.  

This natural ventilation helps to keep fresh air circulating throughout your home, making the space feel fresher and more comfortable for your family. Having more fresh air in your home can prevent condensation, damp and associated mould growth, and can also be used to clear smoke in the case of a fire, or when cooking. 

Save energy, even on cold days 

Increased daylight has several energy efficiency benefits, bringing in the warmth from the sun to naturally heat our homes, even on cold days, and reducing the need for electric lights earlier in the day. Natural light also enhances our wellbeing and even our performance levels, increasing energy and productivity as well as improving our mood. We know you want to create a home that feels good to be in, and even the best quality sources of artificial light struggle to live up to the power of the sun. Inviting natural light into the spaces where we spend most of our time keeps us in sync with what’s happening in the natural world and gives our circadian rhythm a tune up, both of which are vital to our wellbeing.   

Don’t worry about the rain 

Meet The Clever One, a sensor-based automation that provides wireless and automatic opening and closing of Vario by VELUX rooflights. You choose when it activates, based on things like if it starts to rain, if the wind gets up or whether the indoor temperature gets too warm or the outdoor temperature too cold.  For example, you could choose to automatically close the windows if the outdoor temperature drops below 7 degrees or automatically open the window if the indoor temperature rises above 26 degrees. Also, if our unpredictable weather treats you to a sudden rain shower, you can have peace of mind as the windows will close automatically. 

What’s more, electronic rooflights can be opened with the touch of a button, so it’s quick and easy to get a breath of fresh air. 

Completely invisible mechanism 

The automatic opening and closing technology in our rooflights are an elegant and functional solution. The motor is seamlessly and stylishly integrated into your chosen frame. The actuator is not visible from inside your room when the rooflight is closed, thus there is no aesthetic difference between fixed and opening rooflights. 

Unlimited opportunities 

With Vario by VELUX, your opportunities to enhance your natural ventilation are almost endless. You can put two or more opening modules next to each other. You can customise to cover almost any desired roof opening. Almost all of the products (The Rectangular Rooflight, The Square Rooflight, The Long Slim Rooflight and The Unlimited Rooflight) can be fitted with an actuator (opening one side of the rooflight) or a dual actuator (that lifts the entire rooflight up creating a natural air inlet all the way round) for your wellbeing, bringing lots of fresh air into the home and removing indoor pollutants.   

Try our 3D configurator to combine multiple features, sizes, shapes and see the prices in real time. If you're not sure which of our rooflights you need, our Daylight Experts can guide you to your perfect match. 

You know that you’re investing in the wellbeing of everyone in your home, but you want to make sure that investment will stand the test of time. That’s why you’ll be glad to know that our Vario by VELUX rooflights are supported by a 10-year guarantee. Actuators and other electrical components that are a part of your rooflight come with a 3-year guarantee. 

Installation guidance 

Get support and guidance to help your rooflight installation be smooth and stress free. 

When we claim full support for product advice and installation guidance, we mean it. We provide comprehensive installation guides to put in your new Vario by VELUX roof window. If in doubt – call us

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