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12 Apr, 2019

From small beginnings: Making the most of the littlest spaces

We don’t all have the luxury of huge high-ceilinged hallways and endless living spaces where our sofas are but tiny islands in a sea of carpet. So how do we make the most of our smallest indoors spaces? Here are a few small space living ideas to help you get your little nooks and niches to punch above their weight.

Design with light

Light is an architect’s secret weapon for making small spaces look larger than they are and you can use it too. Increasing the size of your windows or putting a rooflight into a small space can have an incredible transformative effect, taking somewhere that looked poky and revealing its perfectly pint-sized proportions.

Keep colours cohesive

A simpler colour palette that makes good use of lighter shades is a great small space living idea. This doesn’t mean it has to be all bland and boring, rather that you use a single bold colour as an accent, with pops of a vibrant shade standing out loud and proud against a neutral backdrop.

Cut the clutter

Clutter is an indoors space killer, so utilising smart storage space and having regular clear outs of smaller spaces will help keep them feeling cute as opposed to cramped. Aside from making sure your clutter level is kept to a minimum, small spaces benefit from a “less is more” approach to accessories, so think a lamp or a vase on an occasional table, not both.

Open up

The smaller the space, the less of it you want to lose to doors and door frames. If you have a series of small rooms in your living space, consider renovating the space so it becomes a more open plan living area. Similarly, you can bridge the gap between upstairs and downstairs, opening the two storeys up more to add height and airiness to a smaller property.

If you’re inspired by our small space living ideas to start seeing what you could do to make more of your smaller space, why not try your hand at designing with daylight?


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