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28 Jul, 2020

Go with the flow: Bi-fold doors and rooflights

One of the most desirable home design devices is connecting the living space with the outside patio and garden. Considering the outdoor area as part of your renovation, extension or new build allows you to gain extra living space and create a deceptively larger, more attractive interior one. 

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by creating a unified space through your choice of glazing. Rooflights and bi-fold doors work perfectly together, helping to bridge the inside with outdoors and maximise the natural light throughout. 

Let’s take a look at how each can deliver on providing the most natural light and in combination can breathe new life into your home.

Bi-fold doors 

Bi-fold doors are the popular, versatile, high performing and fashionable choice for many home designers. 

They add a dramatic glass feature wall with the option to fully open doors into the outdoor space. And for convenience the panels can be folded away neatly meaning you can blend the two areas seamlessly. Stacking to the left or right or a combination of both. 

They are an excellent way to bring the outdoors in and create a continuous floor that flows from the kitchen or living room into the garden. Basically, it allows for you to bring the garden right up to your door, creating the illusion of a further extension to the back. 

If you're already looking into adding bi-fold doors to your extension, then you might want to try Velfac.


Rooflights are the perfect accompaniment to a space with bi-fold doors, which allow daylight to flood into your home. In fact, did you know that a rooflight brings in twice the amount of daylight as a vertical window the same size? As well as providing excellent ventilation. 

Designed to sit on a flat surface, rooflights are a discrete and aesthetically pleasing way to bring energy into a room. They don’t impact a room’s wall space, which, when combined with bi-fold doors will make the perceived space feel much larger. 

As described here, by using natural light from above, you can bring daylight deep into the living space, which makes the whole room feel brighter, bigger and more welcoming. 

The benefit of both worlds 

So, the benefits of using both rooflights and bi-fold windows are clear. Especially in the summer, with the warmer days where you can throw open the doors and embrace nature from your kitchen, dining or living space. While the rooflights above help to keep the interiors cool and well ventilated.

However as British weather is known to be unpredictable, using both rooflights and bi-fold windows will help to bring the outside in regardless of the outdoor conditions and throughout the winter months. 

The doors can be used to frame the views to the garden, while the rooflight above allows for an abundance of natural light. Which, during winter especially, is important for our health and wellbeing. It will also help distract from the duller, darker outdoor conditions and help enliven the space.

Finishing the inside-outside look

When your new space is fitted with bi-fold doors and rooflights, there are some final touches you might consider adding to complete the inside-outside look. 

One strategy is to use materials such as stone or wood as part of your home’s interior decor. 
You might add some wooden dining furniture or kitchen stools and neutral soft furnishings to merge the two spaces. Rattan furniture in particular is a great way to do this. 

Flooring choices can also help to maximise this effect. Think of floor materials such as bamboo, cork or real wood. Or consider creating a free flow transition by selecting the same flooring material inside and out. For this you will need to consult with your architect and builder to ensure it is a material that is suitable for both. 

And consider making the most of your outdoor space by adding a patio covering or pergola, increasing your living space and the amount of time you can spend outside. 

You can also harmonise your colour palette in your garden and kitchen by using natural greens and browns. And finally, a simple but effective way to complete the look is by adding potted plants and flowers.

So, if creating a link between your home and the outdoors is high on your home design priorities, rooflights and bi-fold doors are the perfect solution. 

bespoke square rooflight velux vario
bespoke square rooflight velux vario

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