17 Feb, 2019

Operation transformation: Empowering your inner designer

Most of us start imagining our dream home before we even have a house to call our own. We stockpile interior design ideas ready for when we finally buy a house. But how do you dare to become your own interior designer and have the confidence to create your perfect vision of modern living? Here are a few tips that’ll help you tap into your inner creative spirit.

Dare to dream

If you don’t start thinking big, you’ll never achieve the result you’re hoping for. Start a mood board, hit Pinterest, cut interesting design ideas from magazines that inspire you. Start with defining your perfect vision of modern living so you have your ideals front of mind when you design your space.

Have clear goals

Each space you create should have a clear set of goals associated with it that your design will fulfill. “A kitchen we can both cook in without tripping over each other.” “A front room filled with natural light where I can practice yoga every day.” These sorts of statements will help you be clear on what the space needs to achieve to make you happy.

Make a statement

All the best spaces have one or two really distinctive elements that have a real wow factor. The sort of interior design ideas that make a room, like a dramatic rooflight filling a space with natural light. The kind of modern living statement items that people ask after, such as funky chairs or gorgeous cushions. Choosing at least one of these for each space you plan will ensure it really pops and has people talking about it for all the right reasons.

Choose colours carefully

Most professional interior designers will use a base palette per room of just 3 colours. This helps to give the room a coherent look. This doesn’t mean every single item has to be those exact three shades, but they should make up the majority of the colour in a room to make sure it looks polished and chic.

Are you ready to let your inner designer out to play? Let’s start designing the room of your dreams!


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