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Useful Tools & Services
At Vario by VELUX we offer a range of tools and services, which are designed to make your life easier when designing and installing bespoke daylight solutions. Our tools and services are designed to help you envision the project in a different light, but also to help you overcome potential obstacles in the process of getting more daylight and fresh air into a space through the fifth wall.

Below you can delve into the various tools and services and obtain a deeper understanding of how these might benefit you and the project you are currently undertaking.
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Daylight experts

We Are Daylight Designers

After having been in the building industry for 80 years and having focused specifically on how to improve people’s lives and indoor environment, by bringing Daylight and Fresh air through the roof, we have gained a substantial understanding of how daylight designs are made in the most appropriate and effective way. The good thing is that we will gladly share it with you.

You can book a free consultation with one of our Daylight Design Experts, where we would love to offer our advice and expertise in relation to:

  • Reviewing your drawings and providing our guidance
  • Discussing your Daylight Design and provide our input on the optimum daylight for your project
  • Finding an adequate professional to undertake the project
  • Moreover, we are open to any questions you might have in relation to your project.
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VELUX Daylight Design Studio

Experience your designs in 3D, bring your project to life, and envision the future. Our Daylight Designers can help you realise your vision using 3D renders of any of your design sketches or drawings. We'll give you £100 worth of digital extension renders in 3 versions: without rooflights and with bespoke rooflights using two different designs, so you can choose for yourself the ideal solution.

We believe that the Daylight Design Studio is a great tool for the early design phase, where it can be hard to envision the future space and the effect of daylight from above.

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Design & Modelling

Digital Building Design

In order to provide design inspiration and digital product information to the world's architects and engineers, we have developed all our rooflights as 3D objects. All our digital objects are readily available on BIM Objects, and can be easily downloaded in AutoCAD, Revit and Sketchup. We believe this will help architects and engineers build faster, smarter and greener buildings, as it allows you to save time and mange your projects in a precise way. 
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Supply & Fit

Installation & Delivery Services

Vario by VELUX has a network of specialists, covering architects, contractors and roofers that can support with the installation of Vario by VELUX rooflights. They can help with most installations and on roof delivery jobs. It’s simple, hassle-free, and managed entirely by us!

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