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Bespoke Daylight Design
Discover the many different ways that you can design with daylight using Vario by VELUX bespoke rooflights and learn how you can benefit from close collaboration with us.
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The Design One

The Design One

Learn how to transform any residential space with daylight design and discover the best ways to use Vario by VELUX products.

Learn how rooflight aspect and orientation influences the design of interior spaces

Gain insight into how rooflight positioning can create different qualities of light within rooms

Explore the many ways bespoke rooflight shapes and sizes can deliver inspiring perceptual effect 
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The Tech One

The Tech One

Gain a complete understanding of the technical and performance details related to Vario by VELUX and learn about quality, hardware, installation and specification in residential environments.

Get an overview of how Vario by VELUX products are built and composed, as well as how they stand up to the elements

Learn about the frame, glazing, and uses of opening and fixed product variants

Enhance the Vario by VELUX experience by learning about optional Smart Home, sensor-based automation and essential installation requirements

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RIBA Approved CPD

RIBA Approved CPD

Delve deeper into the world of Vario by VELUX and discover a brighter way of thinking with our exclusive CPD for architects and specifiers.

The CPD will help you:

Explore the significance of daylight design

Learn how famous architects have harnessed the power of light to transform their designs

Spark your creativity by exploring the design potential of Vario by VELUX products

Understand the most important specification consideration related to Vario by VELUX products

Get clear a clear technical overview of the Vario by VELUX range 

See real world examples of how Vario by VELUX products are used 

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Tools & Services

Useful Tools & Services

Discover our various service offerings and simplify the process of specifying, ordering, delivering and installing Vario by VELUX products in your next project.
Gain access to:

• Partner discounts when joining our Design Partner Network

Free consultations with our Daylight Design Experts

Free 3D renders of your designs through the VELUX Daylight Design Studio 

BIM objects of all Vario by VELUX products

Installation and delivery services

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