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Daylight Visualizer

The VELUX Daylight Visualizer accurately calculates daylight levels to make complex analysis accessible at the start of a building project. Our digital 3D simulation tool can bring design visions to life in virtual form for every type of commercial building, working in compliance with EN 17037 regulations, while also empowering your design decisions to transform any building space.

Available by download, this digital tool is compatible with CAD/BIM software.

The Daylight Visualizer improves the commercial viability of a building project through the reduction of planning error, enlightening design plans when you have a better understanding of daylight levels.

Design brighter

Explore and optimize daylight conditions in any space with photorealistic visualizations and false-color mapping for standard and complex fenestration systems.

  • Visualize luminance, illuminance, and daylight factor levels.
  • Explore daylight conditions with plan views, section views, and perspective renderings.
  • Simulate sunlight redirection with light pipes, blinds, and light shelves.
  • Simulate complex fenestration systems (CFS) and shading products with BSDF materials.

Streamlining processes to create intuitive workflows

Streamline your workflow with the intuitive VELUX Daylight Visualizer interface. Customize your project view, create 3D models from scratch or import your projects from your preferred BIM/CAD programs.

  • Generate 3D models with rooflights and facade windows.
  • Import 3D models from Revit, Archicad, Autocad, SketchUp, and more.
  • Update import models and test design options
  • Enjoy easy-to-use settings.

Efficiency with automated reports

Generate automated reports to evaluate and document compliance with the European Standard for Daylight in Buildings EN 17037.

  • Generate automated reports with user-defined daylight measurement zones (work planes).
  • Evaluate and document compliance with the European Standard for Daylight in Buildings EN 17037.
  • Validate against CIE 171:2006 test cases to assess the accuracy of lighting computer programs.
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