vario by velux bespoke rooflight replacement
23 Jun, 2021

When and why should I replace my rooflight?

Once you’ve got used to enjoying your home with the many benefits a rooflight can bring, such as a brighter home, better energy efficiency and how it complements your overall aesthetic to create an atmosphere you can enjoy.

However, if you’ve had your rooflight for some time you may need to consider whether you need a replacement, whether it’s for upkeep purposes or to invest in more modern rooflights that make a bigger difference to your home and give you more control.

Over time, we’ve discovered that 70% of our customers replace their rooflights for functional or aesthetic reasons. To help you decide, we’ve put together a handy list of things you need to look out for.


Updating your design will help to keep your home looking fresh and up to date. For example, changing a Victorian looking Lantern rooflight in exchange for a more modern and sleeker rooflight by Vario by VELUX will considerably improve the aesthetic of your home. Rooflights that are incorporated into the design at an early stage can utilise natural light in order to create shapes and shadows that transform a home, giving it a more expressive design.


Condensation is an immediate sign from your windows that something isn’t quite right. While the reasons can vary, it can be the case that condensation appearing inside your windows is a red flag that highlights that one of the seals inside the window has failed, which means that it’ll need to be looked at and potentially replaced.

Broken glass and cracks

A self-inspection of your windows and rooflights may find that small cracks are starting to appear. When this happens, you need to consider your options and a crack (or even finding broken glass) will only get worse with time. Our research shows that 72% of homeowners replace their rooflights or windows (in part) with faulty/tired windows, suggesting that eventually, the time comes when replacing them just makes sense.

Opening and closing noises 

Any noises when opening or closing a window are a sign that it may be reaching the end of its life, or perhaps a part of the mechanism is and needs to be looked at by an expert. If water is leaking around the outside of the window, it may be that the window itself isn’t closing properly as it once did. Many people consider this problem to be a condensation issue, however, it’s more likely due to the window not being able to close correctly - resulting in a situation where a replacement is needed.


Any decolourisation around the frame or sash itself is a cause for concern. Again, this could be due to windows not being able to be closed properly, or its seals not being airtight. Whatever the root cause of the issue is, discolouring on any part of a window is a sign that something is wrong and this should be looked at and addressed.

Which window group are you in?

From our research, we understand that people fit into one of three categories when it comes to windows and rooflights:

Group 1 - You change the window within the first six months of moving into a new home

Group 2 - You change the windows within the first twelve months of moving into a new home

Group 3 - Or you don’t change the existing windows at all

Which group are you in? If it's group one or two, then we can help. At Vario by VELUX we help our customers by helping them to visualise the look they want for their home, and bring new life into their indoor environment. A fresh rooflight can rejuvenate the look of your home, and allow you to enjoy a family dinner with fresh ventilation and rays of the radiant summer sun. Ask us today on how we can make this a reality inside your home. 

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