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14 Oct, 2021

Buy smart, not twice - purchasing the complete package

Depending on the size of the project, most changes to your home can be complex. When it comes to making a purchase (big or small) that fundamentally changes the environment of your home, you need to make it as simple as possible. That’s why buying direct from a manufacturer is the best way to go.

You won’t have to spend your own time worrying about researching a product or fitting it after purchase, instead, you’ll receive the best possible information and assistance, right from the source of the product. Buying smarter will take you closer to that dream home look that you’ve always wanted.

It’s not all about who you purchase from though, here are some decisions you can make when it comes to purchasing, without overcomplicating or needing to buy twice.

Know what you’re buying

It seems an obvious thing to say but when you’re investing money into a purchase, you need to ensure you also invest your time. Before making a purchasing decision, understand what you’re purchasing and how it will work once the transaction has been completed. Are you buying a ready-made product? Will it be delivered at a time to suit you? Or will you need to get involved in the process and even have to build it yourself?

Know what you’re buying before purchase, otherwise, you might find yourself with more to do than you initially thought.

Purchase from the experts

If your purchase is part of a home or commercial project, it’s best practice to buy from a specialist. Buying from the manufacturer will mean you’ll receive first hand knowledge of the product and how it can transform your home. You won’t need to spend hours upon hours researching to see if it’ll do what you need it to, instead you can spend that time more wisely. Also, you gain tricks and tips on how to get the most out of your product, for example, with a rooflight, by talking to us, we’ll be able to help you with best practice for placement, shape and size, allowing you to enjoy more natural light and atmosphere in your home than ever before.

While you can cut corners and purchase an item from an organisation that sells more than just one item, if you go to a specialised business that has mastered their product and is seen as a leader in their field, then you’ll be in safe hands.

Ask for advice from those who know

If you’re dealing with a professional company with great customer service then talk to them, they’ll have no issues with helping you to understand the full purchasing process from start to finish before you hand over any money at all. For example, the Vario by VELUX rooflight architects are trained to provide our customers with knowledge on not just the features of the products we offer but also work with customers to make sure it fits in the home and carry out the installation, ensuring that we’re there at every stage of the process.

Manufacturer installation

The very best way to get the most out of a product, whether it’s part of a big home project or a one-off purchase, is to get the manufacturer of the product to install the product. This is the best solution for customers as it will ultimately save you time and money.

Rest assured, items that are installed by the manufacturer will be done correctly. With the best possible understanding of the product, whilst considering safety and security.

The manufacturer’s installation process will be done without fault, by a fully qualified and insured professional, experienced in their field.

Purchase and Installation from the manufacturer gives you the complete package

At Vario by VELUX, when it comes to our rooflights we aim to give our customers the complete package and purchasing experience from the moment of our first conversation, right through to installation.

Our rooflight architects will work with you to ensure that when it comes to your needs, you’ll get exactly what you dreamed of. Whether it’s more ventilation for your home, allowing natural light to illuminate certain areas, or if it’s just a case of bringing joys of the outside into your home through innovative rooflights, at Vario by VELUX, we’ll not just provide advice that’s specific to our products, we’ll also come to your home and install it in a way that matches your specific needs.

Talk to our Daylight Experts today on how you can enjoy your home even more. 

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