09 Mar, 2022

The things we do at home

There’s no doubt that the world has changed over the past few years and as a result, our home and what we make of it has become more important than ever before. Over the course of the changing world, we’ve had to adapt our spaces to be a place where we can relax, work, educate and much more - as a result, we’ve had to grow accustomed to spending more time inside. 

As many of us are now living lives that are vastly different to a pre-pandemic world, it’s now not just a case of adjusting but making the most of this permanent change in how we live indoors. This can have a massive impact on us and dictate how we live our lives. Prioritising objects of particular importance, allowing natural light in or ensuring your house has clear and open space can help ensure your home environment is having a positive effect on you and your family’s mental and physical health.

It’s not a secret that being outdoors is important for our physical and mental health, however we’re spending a significant amount of time inside. Hence why we must alter our homes in a way that it enhances that outdoor-indoor connection. Yes, but how?, you might ask.

Natural light is the best start

If you haven’t already looked at improving the daylight situation inside your place, then now is the time. Whether it’s during the day or at night, the use of light in the home can have an incredible impact on the health and wellbeing of you and your family. 

There are a few ways to control light in the home, one example would be smart roller blinds, which allow you to keep daylight out of your home in a smart and intuitive way. They also have the ability to allow as much natural sunlight as possible to relax in. Of course, a well-placed rooflight that sits above your dining area will always allow light to blissfully caress your living space at just the right moment.

There is no doubt that daylight and smart lighting can elevate your home and your environment in a way that can’t be artificially recreated. 

With Vario by VELUX, you can improve your home space with a rooflight that provides daylight, ventilation and improves your home environment. Our products can be tailor-made to operate in a way that benefits your home, from allowing the largest possible amount of sunlight to openings that are placed precisely where you want them for ventilation purposes. It’s easy to add made-to-order bespoke rooflights to your home space.

If your house has an extension or if you’re building one, then you might want to consider adding bi-fold doors and create that glass wall effect that will flood the space with daylight.

A nice little trick we also recommend is adding a mirror on the opposite wall where you have a window / bi-fold door to brighten up the space even more through reflections.

Natural colours & materials are a timeless way to go

Try using natural colours such as green, deep blues, nude and natural materials such as leather, wood, polished stone, bamboo, cork, jute, rattan to enhance that indoor-outdoor connection even more. 

Don’t worry – you won’t be limited as these will fit many interior design styles: from boho,  coastal to mid-century modern styles.

Focus on your indoor climate 

By enjoying cool, clean air in a bright home, it stimulates your senses and contributes to the happiness, wellbeing and productivity of you and your family. VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO is the easy way to a healthier indoor climate. Smart sensors continuously monitor the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in your home and open or close your Vario by VELUX opening rooflights to create a healthier indoor climate. It’s an investment in not just your property but also your wellbeing, one that is built to last and is supported by VELUX’s 10-year guarantee.

What’s more, you might also want to try AirBird® - a high-precision CO2 sensor that prompts you to bring fresh air in when the invisible pollutants in your room build up. Doesn’t it happen to you as well to forget opening the windows and letting in fresh air? Now you can get your own little reminder, which on top of that, also looks good and matches any interior design style. The AirBird® is a stand-alone product alerting you with light & sound signals to bring fresh air into your home AirBird® CONNECT comes with a wireless gateway and a Smart App so you can see your indoor air quality data.  

Utilise efficiently the space you have

With more of your outside life now being handled at home, are you using the space you have efficiently? With work and gym now taking place more and more inside the home, are you using your space to make sure equipment is put away and is easy to hide? Giving you and your family the maximum amount of room and space possible.

One popular principle in having a home that provides you with everything that you need is hygge - a Danish concept that refers to finding comfort and warmth, and creating a warm atmosphere for your home.

It may be as simple as creating an area of your home where you can read in peace as sunlight cascades in or designing your home to have a creative living space that can accommodate friends and family as you enjoy the finer moments of life. The space in your home might be limited, but what you’re capable of making it achieve is unlimited.

What about an additional family member?

Have you thought about growing your family with an addition that has … four legs?

Dogs, cats, and other animals can make a home more welcoming. Whether you arrive back from a long day out, after a run or even after an evening out, having another member of the family greet you can provide you with a warm and lovely feeling. Dogs and cats make a wonderful addition to any family. In time, you’ll find that it won’t just be a case of you looking after them, they’ll also look after you and be there to give you a smile when you need them most.

Start improving your home

For more information on the impact natural sunlight can have on your home and how to ensure that moving forward it’s an issue you don’t need to worry about, get in touch with one of our experts today.

If you want to find out more about how to make an interior change to your home, why not listen to our Home Improved Podcast series? In particular, this episode that looks at diving into the home office. 

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