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03 Feb, 2022

Prepare your rooflights for sunnier days

While we all enjoy the sun, sometimes we don’t want it piercing through into our home, so you need a way to be able to control daylight all year round.

Having rooflights means that you can better control the amount of natural daylight that enters your property, especially if you have Sun Protection glazing, but you can also use blinds to be in full control of when and where daylight is needed.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Sun Protection glazing and Smart Roller Blinds are must-haves when it comes to controlling the amount of daylight in your home.

Smart Roller Blinds

Light control

There are many types of blinds to choose from blackout blinds, dimming blinds, awning blinds and much more, all of which will help you to keep daylight out of your home.

The Vario by VELUX translucent roller blinds provide you with the ability to effectively dim light and help you with privacy needs. Which makes it the perfect choice for dining spaces, living rooms, home offices and playrooms. To ensure that your furniture and other fabrics remain bright, ensure that you always buy laminated glazing, as the lamination will reflect all the harmful UV rays, which can deteriorate the fabric colours.

Developed with an aluminium coated fabric for an enhanced light dimming effect, the fabric on our Smart Roller Blinds absorbs and reflects up to 90% of the light. This however is not a blackout blind, as there is a small gap around the edges of the blind providing a light dimming effect instead, providing you with incredible scope to control the light that enters your home.

Temperature regulation

Heat can create rooms that are unbearable to be in. If sunlight is entering your home in a way that is resulting in temperatures being high, then a closed blind can help to better manage this, keeping your home cool in the summer days and reducing the need to use costly air conditioning units. Ensure you have a healthy indoor climate by airing out your home in the evening and making sure you control daylight in the daytime.


Keep your home private by using blinds to ensure yourself and your family’s privacy is safe from the outside world. This is especially important depending on the position of your home, in particular, if your property is overlooked by the neighbours or perhaps easy to look into from the side of the road.

Application of our Smart Roller Blinds

Our electric blinds can be added to all fixed, opening, walk-on and unlimited products (with a few exceptions). Besides the remote, we have also included the app control feature that allows you to open and close the blinds from your smartphone. Once you have the full VELUX Active kit, the blinds will be visible there as well, giving you precise control over how light enters your home.

Pre-mounted blinds

If added to your order, our electric blinds come pre-mounted, allowing your builder to save time and focus on completing the project, rather than spending unnecessary time on fixing blinds. If you already have a Vario by VELUX rooflight, we will be able to supply you with a retrofit package so you can upgrade your rooflight with dimming blinds.

Sun protection glazing

You also have the option of installing a rooflight with Sun Protection glazing. This will naturally stop too much heat or light from entering your home and reduce heat gain by up to 67% when compared to 2-layer panes.

Sun Protection glazing will also help you to lower the amount of light that enters your home, as well as minimise glare on particularly bright days, with our LowE glazing option capable of reducing light up to 20%. It also won’t create a blue or green tinting effect like alternative glazing options, instead, creating a darker luminance.

Sun protection or blinds

If you are considering adding a rooflight to your property, then the best option is of course to install a rooflight with both blinds and Sun Protection glazing, as this will give you the ultimate heat and light control. Sun Protection glazing can better regulate both heat while blinds are superior in regulating the light entering a room.

The translucent roller blind provides both light dimming and privacy, making it the perfect choice for dining spaces, living rooms, home offices and playrooms. Easy to install, our blinds are available in white, grey and black with colours coming in a slim and aesthetic design. What's more, all our rooflights have the option to come with a pre-installed blind prior to delivery.  Both Sun Protection glazing and blinds, are fantastic additions to any home to help you to better control daylight all year round.

Speak to a Daylight Expert today

If you are considering upgrading your existing rooflight or purchasing a new one with blinds and Sun Protection glazing, then make sure you speak to our Daylight Experts. We can talk you through the entire process and also provide you with a price for blinds, so you can fully understand what the entire process and cost looks like. 

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