vario by velux bespoke rooflights
28 Apr, 2021

Chic & unique: Why create a bespoke house

Imagine a home that could bend to your will, giving you the ability to have everything exactly how you wanted, from lights to doors, to walls, taps, floors and even made-to-order windows. A bespoke house can give you complete control over every facet of your property and allow you to tailor it however you want.

A bespoke house can bring you a different aesthetic or feel compared to the copy-cat homes you’ll often see being built across the country. Going bespoke adds a layer of control and authenticity that makes your home unique to you. Whether that is because you’ve incorporated a more rustic look or perhaps evoked modern theme that incorporates technical appliances, being bespoke is what you make of it, down to the finer and more thoughtful details.

Most people have lived in a home where, for whatever reason, you’ve had to adapt, rather than the other way round. Perhaps you had to decorate to fix the original theme of the property, had a door that only opens a certain way or a window that provides you with the panoramic view of next door’s bathroom window. With bespoke, it doesn’t have to be this way.

How far you go with a bespoke home is up to you. Whether you move forward with a build from the ground up home, vastly transform an existing one or make more nuanced changes to your existing property, the size of your bespoke home will depend on your circumstances.

Be creative, be bespoke

Bespoke homes can be centred around several products or general themes. You might want to create the perfect kitchen and dining area that lets you host family and friends around for a beautiful meal. Perhaps an en-suite bathroom is more to your liking? Built-in cupboards or wardrobes in unexpected places can not only be great when it comes to conserving space but can also be a real eye-opener for guests. Why not look for a joiner in your neighbourhood and invite them round for an initial discussion on what can be incorporated into your home in a subtle, bespoke and surprising manner.

Or perhaps it’s the smaller details that bring your creativity to life. From the look and feel of sockets, shelving or even door handles, every little item can be crafted to your desire inside a bespoke house that speaks to you and your family.

Bespoke rooflights

There are bespoke products that can put a smile on any homeowner's face. Made-to-order bespoke rooflights, for instance, can make a unique difference inside any property and be the focal point for a truly bespoke home.

Bespoke rooflights add an extra dimension to any home, bringing the outdoors inside. Perfect for creating a homely atmosphere in any season, bespoke rooflights provide a vast amount of natural daylight and in a huge variety of finishes, shapes, colours and features.

Vario by VELUX bespoke rooflights can be tailored and fitted in numerous ways. From flat roof skylights to more elaborate opening varieties of skylights, a bespoke rooflight that’s made to fit your needs can be a beautiful part of any property.

With custom-made designs that embrace true originality, Vario for VELUX bespoke rooflights are made just the way you want them. With an elegant Scandinavian design, expert craftsmanship and forward-thinking innovation, these are rooflights that ooze personality.

Just imagine relaxing in the midday sun whilst indoors reading a good book, surrounded by nothing other than peace and tranquillity - that’s the effect bespoke rooflights can have on your surroundings.

A bespoke reality for your home

You don’t just have to imagine the pleasure a bespoke home can bring you though, as it’s all within reach. From the joint living room and kitchen combo, to carefully crafted finer touches and of course, rooflights that shine a natural light inside your home.

Starting to imagine what this might look like in your home? Then why not take one step closer to reality today by having a conversation with one of our Daylight Experts? From start to finish we’ll walk you through the project, outlining every aspect of it to you so that it meets your needs. Turn your vision into a reality and talk to one of our experts today!

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