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07 Jan, 2022

How to wake up the designer in you

You can find inspiration in everything that you do, whether that be from a gentle walk in the woods, the daily school run or even walking along the beach, finding inspiration and turning it into creativity is the step that most people find difficult. So, how can you transform inspiration, turn it into creativity and wake up the designer in you when it comes to rejuvenating your home? Well, we’ve put together some ideas for you.

Tips to be creative

Finding inspiration and creativity can be difficult. If you’re struggling, why not change your day up? Walk a different path, drive down a lonely road, say goodbye to your phone or, conversely, use your phone to take pictures of every colour or image you like to find inspiration.

There isn’t a sure-fire way to fire up your inspiration and creativity for design ideas as we’re all different. What you can do though is change up your routine to jolt your creative thinking and from there, inspiration, creativity and design concepts will flow.

Using nature as part of your design

We live in a society where everything can be replicated to either match or closely resemble something we don’t have. Whether it’s man-made wood to invoke furniture inspired by woodlands or as advanced as a 3D printer cloning a more intricate item, we can artificially replicate almost everything. Almost.

No matter how far technology moves forward, we won’t be able to reproduce natural elements like sunlight and fresh air. These two properties are unique, artificial light solutions and air conditioning can only go so far, so, when it comes to your design for your home, how can you replicate sunlight and natural air? Well, with rooflights.

Rooflights offer the best of the great outdoors and bring it inside. Dark corners of your home are transformed by the sun’s natural rays while poorly ventilated spaces are brought back to life with fresh air that gives it a new purpose in your home. Inspiration and creativity come in many shapes and forms but there’s a reason why, when we’re looking to be inspired, to relax, to enjoy life, we always came back to the simplicity of nature, it brings out the best in us - and thanks to rooflights, you can enjoy the best of nature in your own family home.

Where does your home need inspiration?

You can find inspiration when it comes to the design of your home in what it’s lacking. Is your home looking a bit tired and in need of love in certain areas? Have you checked to make sure your windows are up to date? Are areas of your roof cracking or even worse, starting to allow vegetation such as mould to grow on the inside. If so, then these are the areas of your home that you’ll need to find solutions for. Be creative but be practical in making sure your home’s health is at 100%.

Be colourful

Being creative and trying to fit in with the modern aesthetics of a home doesn’t just mean you have to go with blacks, whites and greys. Depending on your overall theme, the more colour the better. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and go with contrasting colours, for many people, greens, yellows and even reds can spark fresh life into the home.

If you’re looking to incorporate natural daylight as previously suggested, more diverse colours will give you a range of moods for your home to choose from, with the sunlight impacting homes differently depending on how the natural light bounces off your home’s theme. Be brave, be bold, experiment and incorporate a little bit of natural sunlight into your colour scheme, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Creative assistance on-hand

Looking for help with that creative spark? At Vario by VELUX you can have access to one of our Daylight Experts who can help you to create a stunning and creatively fulfilling new design for your home that radiates throughout. Contact us today for help with filling your home with inspirational ideas, creative plans and natural elements like sunlight and fresh ventilation. 

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