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26 Feb, 2020

9 tricks to make your terraced house stand out

Terraced houses are really common in the UK’s towns and cities and are always built so all the houses in a row look the same. So, how do you make yours stand out? Whether you’re looking to give your home the edge when it’s time to sell or you just want to put a stamp of individuality on your property, here are our top tips for turning your terraced house into an even greater treasure. 

Painted perfection 

When making your terraced house stand out, paint is your new best friend. Whether you choose a bold pop of colour on your doors, window frames or ledges or a striking modern shade to cover the brickwork, paint is a low cost and transformative option that’ll make sure your home is the envy of the street.  '

If you’re worried about what the neighbours might think of a bold colour change or you’re just not really a colour person, simply refreshing any existing paintwork in a clean shade of true white will make the whole house appear fresher and tidier. 

Fab façade features 

Make the most of what your architect gave you, highlighting period façade features in fresh paint or sandblasting stone to give a new fresher look. You don’t have to go the whole way of budgets and time are tight, just adding a distinctive door knocker, matching door number and a smart new doorbell can give the look of your terraced house a lift. 

Windows to the world 

Terraced houses often have very old and even original windows that have been retained for fear of destroying the character of the building. Modern double or triple glazed windows offer much more variety than their chunky white plastic predecessors and offer energy efficiency savings that will protect your wallet and the planet. You can choose a variety of different frame colours and styles to find the perfect fit for your home. Aside from the benefit you’ll feel on your energy bill, recently fitted windows may give you the edge when it comes to time to sell. 

The path to perfection 

The path up to your doorway can be easy to neglect, particularly if there’s nothing much wrong with it. New tiling, perhaps in a bold monochrome pattern can add a really beautiful effect that you’ll enjoy every time you walk in and out of the house. If you’re not ready to part with your current path, consider tidying it up. Get rid of any weeds, re[lace broken tiles and give the path itself a proper clean or top up the gravel, so it looks nice and neat. 

Extend to expand 

Often terraced houses are short on the space required for modern living. Adding an extension and bringing downstairs rooms together by knocking them through will create an airier, more spacious feel. When you extend you can modernise your kitchen and create an open plan living, dining and kitchen space that will be something everyone can enjoy and will certainly add value.  

If your home is a little on the dark side, an extension will only make that worse so be sure to plan in a striking rooflight to drench your home in daylight and enhance the feeling of space. Try and marry the shapes of your rooflight to the shape of the extension, the function of the room or the style of your interior décor for an even more striking effect. 

Park life 

Off street parking is at a premium on terraced streets and the often crazy prices of parking permits and insurance for on street parking make having off street parking a real plus both for your current lifestyle and when you come to sell. Sacrificing a bit of your front garden to realise this ambition is a sensible move for many homeowners who don’t actually spend any time in their front garden anyway, preferring the usually bigger and more private space at the back. 

The natural touch 

Tidy up your garden, especially the front one that is visible from the road. Untidy gardens are a real turn off for prospective buyers in spite of how easy they are to remedy. A little trimming and weeding can be all it takes to transform your terraced house from “so-so” to sensational. Consider hiding bins in a stylish storage unit and add more of a natural feel to homes that don’t enjoy the benefit of front gardens using window boxes and pot plants on the doorstep.  

Colour me beautiful 

Having a colour scheme that is reflected throughout the front of the house creates a stylish and well thought out impression. Consider how the colours of your window frames, ledges, door and even the accents on your path and plant pots might be brought together. If you’re just using a touch of colour, using the same shade throughout can work well, but if you’re adding a lot of colour, you might consider trying a couple of complimentary colours, for instance a modern dark navy on the windows contrasting with a vibrant deep yellow on the door, with both accents picked out by plant pots on the steps. 

Amazing ironwork 

Period iron railings are a lovely addition to any terraced house, adding interest to low walls and drawing the eye to balconies. If you already have railings but they’re a bit tatty, you can easily bring them to life by stripping back the paint, rubbing down the rust and then repainting in a complimentary colour to match the rest of your house’s exterior features. You can bring the theme through by adding a matching doorknob, boot jack or accenting your garden with wrought iron furniture painted in the same colour. 

Ready to explore what a rooflight might do for your terraced house extension? Start your design today with our simple to use rooflight configurator which allows you to create your perfect rooflight shape, size, finish and features to transform your terraced home. 

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