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23 Jun, 2021

Should I renovate my roof? 

Whether you’re enjoying the look of your home, looking to buy, looking to sell, or just casually browsing, the roof is often overlooked. We take what’s above us for granted, however, there are a wonderful range of options for your roof that will give your home a fresh and vibrant new aesthetic.

Renovating your roof will offer a range of benefits, from improved security, a reinvention of your home’s design, an increase to the amount of daylight in your home, or a mixture of all the above - a roof renovation will breathe new life into a home. Here’s what you need to know and consider about a roof renovation!

Signs that your roof needs a renovation

There are several key things to look out for before taking the plunge into renovating your roof. In general, your roof will need to be evaluated every five to ten years, to ensure it’s working as it should be and is in a healthy condition.

You should consider these signs if you are looking to buy or sell a property.

Firstly, how does the roof look? Are there any signs of wear and tear? Are parts of it curling, cracked or even missing? Another big sign is whether or not water and other debris from outside are finding their way into your home through areas that aren’t in top condition.

It’s not just about how it looks, but also the consistency of your maintenance. Are you finding that you're attending to fix areas more often than you should be? Does every winter come with dreaded thoughts about how many parts of your roof will need to be fixed? Remember, before buying a property make sure to ask the sellers about roof maintenance through the years.

Lastly, you should also consider the amount of light in your home. Is your home naturally darker than you’d like it to be? Would you like to embrace more natural daylight? Your roof may be in perfect condition, but could you create a better environment for you and your family in your home by renovating your roof? For many people, the answer is yes.

What you need to consider for a roof renovation

A roof renovation isn’t as simple as a quick trip down the nearest store to pick up a flatpack kit to build. It’s an important part of your home, and you'll need to consider a lot more than whether you’ve got the right tools for the job. You’ll need to hire a professional, review your budget, estimate the length of time a roofing project will take, and discuss how much natural sunlight you want to include in your project. It’s an involved process, but one that will do wonders for you, your home and your wellbeing. At Vario by VELUX we will gladly consult you on this process.

Your budget

It’s always a good idea to know where you stand when it comes to budget before a project is underway. Start by defining and costing out each item, whilst also determining scenarios that may mean costs increase - allowing you to determine the potential total cost. Match all of this against your budget, and determine whether you can undertake everything you want from a roof renovation all at once or whether you may need to space the project out to achieve your goal.

Find a trusted and trained contractor

Making sure you find a qualified professional to undertake your roof renovation is vital.

Cutting corners and going with someone who isn’t fully trained or qualified can lead to potential structural issues, so first and foremost, find the right contractor - you can do this by checking their qualifications and inquiring about previous jobs, especially ones that are similar to your requirements. Based on the extensive experience in the industry, we will gladly support your investigation of professionals, and help you find what you need.

How long it will take

While it’s not quite a case of ‘how long is a piece of string?’ There’s no doubt that you’ll need to consider your timeline when it comes to a roof renovation project and consider multiple variants depending on your requirements. It will be difficult to pin down an exact timeframe, but any professional tradesman will be able to give you a rough estimation of how long it will take. You’ll also need to make sure your contractor’s schedule (and yours) coincides with the project.

Allowing more daylight into your home through modern rooflights

If you’re renovating your roof then it’s also a great time to consider adding rooflights to an existing building. A roof renovation isn’t cheap, so when you commit to a big project like this, you may as well consider not just completing the repair or initial renovation ideas but also the lengths you could go if you wanted to get your dream look. This is because if you decided to install rooflights at a later date you’d need to shell out for the same costs again and in fact, there are only a few additional costs when adding a rooflight so it’s cheaper to get the dream look you want for your home by only hiring a contractor to undertake roof work once, rather than hiring them out a second time later on.

Adding rooflights as part of your roof renovation is the perfect time to do so as your contractor will be able to assist you with calculating costs, ensuring all regulations are met and helping you to maximise your daylight in-take in accordance with the structure of your home. Quite simply, it just makes sense when it comes to a roof renovation as it allows you to enjoy your home much more with natural lighting and ventilation that makes it feel inviting and peaceful all year round.

Adding daylight and fresh air as part of your home will allow you to achieve a new approach with your property. By adding a rooflight to your roofing project, you’ll create an area that is aesthetically pleasing and wonderful for your family and friends to relax in. Not only that, but it will also be a substantial enhancement on the building itself, bringing natural properties and utilising them as part of your home.

Take the next step to your roof renovation today

Saving for a larger project such as a roof renovation can be a lengthy and sometimes costly process. However, the saying: ‘Good Things Come to Those Who Wait’ is true. Spending a little extra on permanent parts of a renovation such as a Flat Roof Window, will add value and a contemporary feel to your home, whilst also enabling your home to sell quicker in the future.

While there are other issues you might want to consider with your roof renovation, such as its impact on the environment and how easy it is to maintain, to get answers to this and so much more, you’ll need to talk to an expert - especially if you want to upgrade to rooflights as part of your roof renovation.

Why not discuss your options with one of our Daylight Experts? From discussing your choices when it comes to visualising what a rooflight will look like in your home, to details of the process itself, our experts will help you. From start to finish we’ll walk you through the project, outlining every aspect to you, so that it meets your needs. Turn your dream roof renovation into reality and talk to one of our experts today! 

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