vario velux modular rooflight
03 Jul, 2020

How to use Vario by VELUX rooflights to upgrade my home’s interior design

When you walk into a room perfectly drenched in natural light, it takes your breath away. The space looks larger, fresher, more beautiful. Your eye follows the light and is drawn to different features at different times of day. But how do you decide which rooflight will give you the desired effect? Here’s our guide to styling your perfect home with Vario by VELUX rooflights. 

Let the light fall on the focal point 

First, you need to decide on the room’s focal point. This should be the one object that immediately draws the eye and, ideally, should provide a crucial clue about the space’s function. An elegant table clearly marks any dining room, a distinctive, inviting sofa beckons you into a living room, a handsome desk defines a home office and a beautiful bed completes any master bedroom. 

With Vario by VELUX you can build your own rooflight to match and highlight the focal point of the room. Combine multiple sizes and shapes to fit your home’s unique style. 

Use light to structure your space 

Often, we use furniture to structure our spaces, but if you align your rooflights with key pieces or elements of your home, the effect is magnified, and the space seems more ordered and appealing. 

You might choose to situate a rooflight over a bath, along the length of a galley kitchen, over a coffee table to centre a living space in an open plan layout.  

Play with symmetry and asymmetry 

As humans we’re naturally drawn to symmetry in a layout. So having four evenly spaced square rooflights in a square room is a quick route to instant interior appeal. A long, thin rooflight down the length of a dining table or kitchen workspace creates pleasing lines. But asymmetry can be just as effective and potentially more interesting in certain spaces. Having your rooflights follow an L shape in the building makes the most of this sort of space. Triangulating round roof windows in a smaller space can make for a striking visual point of interest. 

Mirror the shapes in your home with the opening above 

Your home will look instantly more coordinated and well put together if you pair the shapes below with those above. Following your dining table with a similarly proportioned rectangle rooflight, putting a round window directly over a small occasional table of the same shape. You’ll be amazed at how the two complement each other and create an effect even greater than the sum of its parts. 

Keep the space fresh 

Opening rooflights are an excellent choice for rooms that tend to get too hot in summer or tend to accumulate smells like the kitchen. If you have the opportunity to freshen up the atmosphere in a room with an opening rooflight, you’ll appreciate all the hard work you put into the look of the room that much more. With our opening rooflights, the opening mechanism is fully integrated in the frame of your rooflight. The mechanism is not visible from the inside when the roof window is closed, so there is no visual difference between fixed and opening rooflights.  

Use depth to create a striking effect 

Whilst you’d typically set a rooflight in line with the roof of your property and this generally aligns with the ceiling to create a streamlined effect, allowing in the maximum daylight. However, if you have the height to allow you to play with the depth of your rooflights this can be a striking architectural feature. Setting your rooflights up from the ceiling height, by lowering the ceiling, creates an impressive effect inside, with sharp cornered recesses punctuating the ceiling space and focusing the light from your rooflight in a more concentrated way. 

Think about colour as well as shape and size 

Our rooflights come in a variety of colours and finishes, allowing you to blend them seamlessly with the rest of your décor, or create a stand-out contrast with their painted surroundings. Simply changing the frame from white to dark grey for instance can have a dramatic altering affect to the way the room looks and can allow you further room to be creative with your interior. 

Design your dream dimensions 

You don’t have to commit to an idea before exploring a few options to see what would work best for your vision for your home. Our configurator tool is easy to use and allows you to play with different shapes, configurations, finishes and features until you get to the point where it feels just right for the space. 

Match your space and preferences 

Did you know that you can design your rooflights with a walk on feature, allowing you to put them between floors or to create an elevated roof terrace above a single storey extension? Putting rooflights between floors is an excellent way to make dark, cramped spaces feel bigger and airier. A roof terrace to relax on can be transformative if your property has a small north facing garden, allowing you to enjoy more of the sunlight for longer. 

Get the right glazing 

When you choose a Vario by VELUX rooflight, you have a choice of insulated glazing units that offer you the option of double glazing or triple glazing units. Double glazing is ideal for darker spaces where the maximum daylight drenching effect is required, whereas triple glazing is perfect for colder rooms where superior energy saving and insulation are your priority. 

Help realising your dream 

Our Daylight Experts are a team of highly experienced professional who are on hand to help with your rooflight design and more. Need a recommendation for a great architect or builder? We can help.

Want to know how to make the best use of your space? We’ve got it covered. Talk to one of the team today. 

vario velux modular rooflight
vario velux modular rooflight
vario velux modular rooflight

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