16 Sep, 2020

Roof terraces are all the rage: Here’s why

Recently, property experts have been raving about roof terraces. Why? Well there are a few different reasons. We’ll explain them here: 

Roof terraces add value to your property 

The combination of creating more usable outdoor space and their aesthetica appeal mean roof terraces can add significant value to your home. And they’re usually not very expensive to create. If you have an existing piece of flat roof, all you need to do is ensure the structure below will support a roof terrace, add some nice flooring, replace any rooflights with those you can walk on (like this one) to keep light flowing into the room below, add some nice furniture and plants, then voila! 

Enjoy more time outdoors 

Even if property values don’t interest you a whole lot, spending time with family or friends in a stunning outdoor space enjoying the best that life has to offer is something to make any roof terrace doubter think twice. Alfresco dining, watching the sun shift across the sky or simply enjoying a warm evening in the company of your favourite people, a world of possibilities opens up when you opt for a stylish roof terrace.

Make more of your square metres 

Flat roof space is massively under utilised in the UK and as more people fight for properties with ever shrinking gardens (thanks to the trend for extensions) having a quiet oasis of calm atop your roof starts to make even more sense. Roof terraces don’t fall foul of a lot of the typical objections to second storey extensions as they don’t block the light or loom over a neighbouring property. 

Don’t miss out on daylight 

One common objection to turning a flat roof into a roof terrace is that it will cut out light from above. This doesn’t have to be the case, as there are now walk-on rooflights available that are specifically designed to be walked on as part of a roof terrace setup, including laminated glass panes and non-slip coating for safety. 

Are you ready to get in on the roof terrace trend? Let your imagination run wild and create the outdoor space of your dreams

roof terrace walk on rooflight

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