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10 Aug, 2021

The roof renovation checklist

Ensuring that your roof is in perfect condition is important to the overall health of your home so you need to make sure that it’s not just providing what you need in terms of functionality but also looks. So, what are the signs that your roof needs a revamp or a renovation? If so, how can you take advantage of a roof renovation? You’ll need to repair the necessary details but also, what upgrades could you achieve? To help, we’ve put together a roof renovation checklist to ensure you don’t miss any details.

Before the project - What do you want to renovate?

To start with, you need to identify areas that need to be renovated. This can be a range of items, it might be structural repairs that are needed to ensure your home and your family’s safety are secure, it might be as part of an upgrade to your drainage system, a fresh layer of paint as part of a design update or something else, everyone’s priorities will be different.

You’ll need to identify areas of your roof that you’ll want to make sure are durable, especially during the winter months where rainfall increases substantially. By the same token, you’ll also want to work out areas of your roof which you’ll want to amend and upgrade, allowing your roof to offer more than just protection, for example better ventilation and more natural daylight. What does your ideal roof look like?

Time and money

As with most projects, time and money play an important factor in determining how ambitious your roof renovation is. When it comes to it, you’ll want the best value for money when creating a roof that is easy to maintain, offers a sufficient level of insulation, is well ventilated and is eco-friendly.

It goes without saying but the time you allow for the project and the money you invest will impact the quality of your roof renovation so working out your budget and discussing potential timelines with contractors from the start is important.

Upgrades that make a difference

You may find that you want to upgrade after your roof renovation but did you know that by doing that it’ll be more expensive in the long run? This is because you’ll need to pay for labour costs twice when if you make upgrades during the renovation phase you’ll only need to do this once. While you will naturally have to pay for the extra materials and a small increase in labour costs should you do it at the same time as your initial roof renovation, it will be significantly less than moving forward to two different roof projects.

There’s no doubt that the introduction of a rooflight to your home as part of a roof renovation will make a big impact not just on the looks of your home but also on how you and your family live. A rooflight will offer you the chance to enjoy more sunlight inside your home, giving you the capability to create a specialised living space that radiates with natural daylight, providing you with the best of the outside world inside. You can also improve the ventilation of your home through a rooflight, allowing the fresh air and tranquillity of nature to flow into your home, creating a calming atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy.

No matter what shape your roof renovation takes, a rooflight will expertly fit, so whether you have gable, butterfly, flat or a combination of roof styles, a rooflight can be installed.

Time to renovate your roof? Talk to an expert

Every five to ten years is a good time to evaluate your roof and work out your next steps. If your roof requires a thorough check and you’re ready to make a move to a roof renovation then why not discuss your options with our daylight experts?

Trained professionals who can help you with any roofing issue, our experts can not just take the guesswork out of whether or not you require work to your roof but also advise on how you can upgrade your roof and incorporate rooflights to make an impact on your home. 

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