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29 Dec, 2021

How to make your house irresistible for buyers

Selling your home in a crowded market will mean that you’ll need to put your house's best foot forward, but how? No matter the structure of your home, there are changes you can make to entice home buyers. Whether you have a short-term selling plan or a long-term one, there are projects you can undertake and small changes you can do to make sure you get the best value possible. Here are some small and big ideas of changes you can make to your home to increase its value or entice more offers.

Keep it neat and tidy

They say cleanliness is close to godliness and when it comes to enticing buyers, you can’t slip up. Before viewings, make sure your home is spotless, more so than usual. Ensure that books and magazines are away neatly, children’s toys are stored away securely and personal items and house keys aren’t left out.

You need to create the impression of perfection, so go over and above your normal house tidy routine for prospective buyers to create an environment that’s too good to be true.

… And that includes the garden

First impressions are important and that extends to before the potential buyer steps foot into your home. Don’t leave anything to chance and ensure that your front garden is in pristine condition by tidying up bushes, planting colourful flowers and cleaning the path to create a red carpet effect that leads to your front door. There are many other short-term things you can do to impress home buyers on arrival but if you want to increase the value of your property substantially, you need to think long-term.

Adding rooflights

Rooflights make an impact statement in any home, in fact, they leave such an impressive first impression that people who enter your home will immediately look up at the sky through your rooflights, and be in awe at the way light filters through, creating an ambience that can’t be replicated artificially.

Adding rooflights to any home is a wonderful way of combining the outdoors and indoors in a way that isn’t intrusive. It provides the modern home with an addition that delights, astounds and positively influences your home environment, giving you a permanent feel good factor throughout.

Replacing old rooflights

With every passing day, technology improves and so do rooflights. If you’ve got rooflights already, then you’ll know the positive impact that they bring to any home.

However, with modern rooflights now able to come in a range of frame colours that match your high-end kitchen design, improved ventilation that brings a freshness to your home and improved security - replacing your old rooflights will allow you to make a real upgrade that contributes towards increasing the value of your property.

Open kitchens

There’s nothing as irresistible to home buyers as an open plan kitchen that can bring the entire family together. An open kitchen means more space, which is great for growing families and those who want to host more often than not. It allows you to create a social environment within your home that brings everyone together and can easily be complemented by rooflights which add an extra layer of atmosphere to the most used area of your home.


For home buyers, extensions will always entice them as it’s an extra part of a home that originally wasn’t there. For a growing family, a big home is an exciting prospect as it’s extra space that could make the difference between an average home and a great must buy one.

Extensions also allow you to create an area of the home that connects with nature, as they usually have large windows or rooflights that allow the vibrancy of the outside to seep through, allowing you to connect your home with nature and embrace the freshness of outside and delights of the sunshine inside the home.

Don’t forget about your roof!

How often do you check your roof? It’s likely that you don’t look at it often, but the fact remains that it’s an important part of any home and when it comes to the property market and potential buyers, it will be looked at in great detail. Surveys completed during the home buying process can often highlight flaws in roofs, often stalling purchases at a critical stage, causing stress that could have been avoided.

Ensure that your roof is at its best whether it’s through regular maintenance, or a roof renovation that transforms it into a modern, fresh and aesthetically pleasing part of your home - which of course will be more enticing to potential buyers.

Looking into a roof renovation for your home to entice new buyers and increase the value? Talk to our Daylight Experts today and lean on their experience and expertise to get the most from your property.  

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