vario by velux bespoke rooflight extension
05 Mar, 2021

Interior design tips: New year, new me, new house

Whether you’re moving into a new home and looking for innovation or want to reinvigorate your existing family home, we’ve put together ten interior design tips for you. Each of our suggestions will create a fresh look, enticing style and talking point for your property.

Mix modern with vintage

While it may not have been possible a few years ago, many modern styles blend well with vintage decor and complement each other extremely well. The colours of more modern decor can be the perfect accompaniment to vintage wooden and retro-style themes.

vario by velux bespoke rooflight extension

Natural looks

Sometimes you really can’t beat a natural look. Whether it’s including greenery in your living room and kitchen or allowing more natural sunlight in your home through rooflights, natural themes and lighting that truly bring nature indoors can create an exemplary and comfortable atmosphere inside any home.

Dried and artificial flowers

Continuing on the theme of nature, you don’t have to bring the actual outdoors inside, in fact, dried and good quality artificial flowers can complement many themes superbly. They create a beautiful environment that, unlike real flowers and plants, is also a breeze to maintain.


A merging of two different cultures, Japandi is the idea of drawing inspiration from the Scandanavian and Japanese home decor palette and bringing them together. This is an idea that will gain more popularity with time, but this clash of ideas blends well to create a serene atmosphere with purpose inside any home.

Multi-functional spaces

Think outside the box by using the same space in a variety of ways. The past year has seen us stay at home for long periods, so why not make sure your home is supercharged to have one space that meets multiple needs. Invest in furniture that can be used and shaped in various ways, why not enjoy a comfortable living space that’s also great for storage and home working, all at the same time?

Earthy colours

We’ve mentioned it already, but nature is in fashion. In 2021 you’ll see a trend towards more earthy colours filling living spaces in homes across the country. Blues and greens, in particular, will be used more and more often to provide homes with a peaceful and angelic space that helps to de-stress after a long day.

Emerging linen-finish trends

Linen is going to be one of the emerging trends for 2021 thanks to its ability to blend into a variety of styles. A linen-fresh look and finish bring vibrancy to any theme, whether that be in the form of a linen sofa, curtains, or any kind of upholstery as it provides a relaxed look that complements any room.

Textured walls

Sometimes you just need to feel something and while it’s not been the case before, there’s a recent trend towards textured walls that you don’t want to miss. Textured walls can add a different dimension to any room and provide a talking point for visitors and, best of all, there are no restrictions on the type of textures you could use, giving you the ultimate freedom when it comes to your creativity.

Marble bathrooms

They’ve been slowly growing in popularity over the past few years, but marble bathrooms are still a design idea that we think you should get behind. Perfect for both practicality as well as being aesthetically pleasing, a good marble bathroom is hard to beat for looks, especially if the design is done in the right way.

Bespoke daylight design

There are several things that we can replicate when it comes to interior design, whether that’s aiming for a natural look or perhaps something a little bit more sophisticated. One thing that can’t be matched or replaced is natural sunlight.

Bespoke daylight rooflights from Vario by VELUX can amplify the look and feel of any room by allowing natural light in and evolving a room’s aesthetic. There is no replacement for relaxing sunlight that can lift anyone’s mood.

For more information on how to lighten the mood of your home, why not get in touch with us today and look into made-to-order rooflights from Vario by VELUX. 

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