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03 Feb, 2021

The ultimate guide to your roof renovation

If you’re looking to improve your home, then you’ll need to make sure you don’t miss what’s above your head. You might take it for granted but your roof is an integral part of your home, not just from an aesthetics point of view but also a safety and security one as well. Interior designers call your ceiling the 5th wall, and for good reason!

So, to help you pay more attention to what’s above your head, we’ve crafted this ultimate guide to new roofs and go through how to assess what’s there, various constructions and materials and how you can upgrade and get the most out of your roof when it comes to replacing or renovating it.

Signs you need a roof replacement

It’s always good to spend some time checking on your roof to see if it’s in good condition. You don’t need to start getting ladders or professionals out at the start though, as many checks can be completed visually from ground level.

Some of the most notable signs that your roof will need to be replaced include any broken tiles or slates, tiles that aren’t aligned correctly and possibly even loose, damaged or missing tiles. It’s not just the outside that gives you a bit of insight on the health of your roof as inside your property, perhaps within the loft, you may find moss or mould, both of which are signs that your roof is poorly ventilated or has leakages, which will require repair or replacement of the roof.

The benefits of roof replacement

Upgrading or renovating your roof is a great investment for the future, giving you peace of mind on you and your family’s safety and security for the short-term, as well as contributing towards the overall value of the property should you have plans to sell it on in the future.

A well designed roof can have a big impact on the insulation of your home as well, with newer roofs capable of holding onto more natural heat and thus reducing the need for energy to be used unnecessarily, potentially bringing your energy bills down significantly.

Also, upgrading your roof to include the ability to let more natural daylight in through bespoke rooflights or skylights will have a wonderful impact. It improves your home’s look and feel and also contributes to creating a more positive environment to live in.

Rooflights and made-to-order roof windows can have such a remarkable effect on your home, especially if the area where your roof has been dark up until now. Investing in allowing more natural daylight into your home can change the spaces of your property that you’ve never even thought of using before. Why not imagine the difference a bit of sunlight in your home can make?

What’s great is that during the construction process of a new roof, you can add bespoke rooflights without the cost of starting from scratch. There’s no better time to add new rooflights to your home than during roof renovations as it drives down the installation costs as you don’t need professionals to take your roof apart again to commence with fitting.

How much is a new roof?

The cost of a new roof is dependent on the size of the roof as most companies will charge per square metre (which includes material and labour costs). You’ll find that flat roofs are cheaper in general to replace when compared to pitched roofs, since you’ll be replacing a smaller surface area and there’s also less complexity for the roofer.

If you’re looking for a completely new flat roof for your extension then the complete cost can come anywhere between £2,000 to £4,000 depending on the size of the roof, roofing material and obstacles on the roof.

For a completely new tiled roof, these renovations can come to anywhere between £5,000 to £10,000, depending on the size of the roof, tile type and obstructions on the roof.

These costs are just indicative price ranges, to get a true reflection of the costs involved, you should book a site visit with us, then we will help organizing a site visit from one of our partners in our professional network who can quote for your specific roof project.

What do you need to consider when renovating a roof?

When it comes to renovating a roof, you need to consider what you want to get out of it when the renovation is completed. Do you want to renovate a roof that brings new light and life to an area of your house that was dark and unused before? Or do you want a simple replacement? You must have the end goal in mind at the start.

What’s great about renovations in 2021 is that it’s easy to upgrade your existing roof thanks to the tools, equipment and know-how of today’s professionals, so adding rooflights, skylights or roof windows can bring a dark or unused area of your home to life like never before.

How long does it take to make a new roof?

The time it takes to put a new roof together will be determined by several factors. The two biggest factors will be the size of your roof and the style you want to be installed, both of which will play a large role in determining the length of time.

One way you can speed up the process is to start discussing your options with an expert and making it happen. So why not get in touch with us today, especially if you want to illuminate an area of your home with bespoke rooflights, skylights or roof windows with Vario by VELUX that can truly bring new light and life to your home. Get in touch with us today and let’s explore the options and bring your vision to life.

After having been in the roofing and daylight business for 80 years, we can confidently argue that ‘We Know Roofs’. So, we’ll gladly provide you with advice and support when it comes to your roofing projects, as well as provide quotations and guidance on finding a professional and competent roofer in your area. Contact us today and talk to one of our experts.

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