moodboard brash and bold
19 Aug, 2021

Exquisite interiors: 10 moodboards to inspire and delight

A moodboard is the perfect way for you to explore ideas and create a general colour scheme, mood or aesthetic for a particular part of your home. To help you out we’ve put together some styles that will help you with the initial planning phase of any home project you might have.

1. Japandi

A style that is a clash of cultures, Japandi brings together Japanese and Scandinavian living styles that combines functionality with rustic minimalism. A truly unique style that will be to many people’s tastes.


2. Naval colours

Darker blues combined with lighter tones can create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in any room. From navy sofas to dark blue walls with hints of yellow, naval colours promote a sense of belonging, unlike other styles.

Moodboard naval colours 

3. Brash and bold

A mix of loud colours can create a feeling of excitement and energy. Yellows, purples and even greens can make a loud statement and create a real buzz, especially in more social areas of the home.

moodboard brash and bold 

4. Modern with a hint of rustic

Modern designs with rustic furniture can create a mix of elegance and freshness. Perhaps a vintage coffee table with a modern picture, or a rustic looking sofa with a backdrop of a metallic floor lamp provide a unique and striking combination.

moodboard modern with a hint of rustic 

5. Light woods

A more natural look made from lightly coloured woods can help to create an aesthetic that’s both pleasing on the eye and the mind. Lightly coloured wooden furniture with a simplistic backdrop is a wonderful crowd-pleaser and can set a tranquil mood.

moodboard light woods 

6. Indoor greenery

Combine a mix of simple furniture and a neutral colour palette with real, artificial or dried flowers and plants to create an enticing environment that evokes the best that nature has to offer.

moodboard indoor greenery 

7. Industrial modern

Often seen in American TV shows, the industrial modern look takes the pipes and indoor brickwork modern city apartment blocks home and can rearrange it in a stylish way that speaks to millennials and Gen Zs.

moodboard industrial modern 

8. Fabric-led

Mixing fabric and patchwork have never gone out of fashion, especially in the modern age where recycling and reusing it is more important than ever. Mix and match patchworks colours across individual chairs, tables or even sofas and walls to mix vibrant colours with a sense of cosy warmth that only fabric can bring.

moodboard fabric-led 

9. Earthy colours

Light blues, greens and earth tones can combine in numerous ways to create a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere in any room. From blue tiles in the bathroom to rustic wooden green dining tables in the kitchen, or even earthy paintings or walls, it all combines to create a really natural vibe.

moodboard earthy colours 

10. Neutrals

Create a more intimate environment with neutral colour schemes that are welcoming and inviting. White and light grey with a hint of soft yellow can set a bright tone, evocative of a fresh spring day, in any part of the home.

Moodboard neutrals

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