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01 Sep, 2021

Tips for the best kitchen design

For any family home, the kitchen is a focal point, so you want to make sure that you get the best look possible creating a kitchen that looks high-end. To help, we’ve put together some of the best kitchen design tips that will help you to transform your space into a vibrant, functional and aesthetically pleasing look for you to enjoy all year round.

Smart appliances

Make your kitchen work smarter, not harder. A brand new kitchen design shouldn’t be fitted with old appliances that are at odds with your new, modern look. Instead, look to overhaul your entire kitchen with smart appliances, allowing you to enjoy your kitchen as soon as the project is completed.

Smart fridges that come with built-in memo boards and shopping list features, smart ovens that can start preheating before you’re home and even small items like kitchen blocks that automatically sterilise utensils and eliminate bacteria.

Great visibility for safety

When it comes to kitchens, you want to make sure that they’re as safe as possible. Whether that’s because you’ve got young children running around, older children who sometimes cut corners or pets who are just looking to greet you every time you walk near the kitchen side. Safety in a family home should be paramount. To aid with this, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got good visibility throughout.

You can plan for inevitable accidents by ensuring you have slip-resistant flooring, ovens located above ground level and rounded countertops, but making the area as bright as possible will help. One way you can achieve this is through rooflights, allowing natural light to consistently bring the kitchen to life and allow all potential danger spots to be seen, it’s not just safety where natural light can play a big role though.

Natural light

When you’re trying to achieve a high-end and modern look for a kitchen, there’s no artificial alternative to natural light. Allowing the interior and exterior of your home to come together creates a relaxing and inviting environment like no other. The best way to achieve this is through a modern and dynamic rooflight solution that gives you a look and an environment that encapsulates the outdoors and brings it inside.

The natural light that enters the home through rooflights easily complements seamless and slick kitchen designs and for many people, allowing as much light from outside to come through is a priority for their renovation.

Surface spaces that let your kitchen breathe

For a kitchen to make its mark in a home it needs to have sufficient surface space. In a family home, a kitchen with little space to work in can be a nightmare, especially for ambitious at home cooks who want to test their culinary skills to the fullest.

So, as part of a kitchen design, you want to make sure that you have plenty of surface space to create dishes that fill the home with wonderful aromas. You’ll also want a material for your surface that complements your design choice, with granite, marble and quartz all popular choices for the modern kitchen.

Good ventilation

Kitchen’s can quickly become the hottest parts of the home - for obvious reasons. Whether you’re cooking for one or for considerably more, ovens, kettles and a range of appliances all working at once, can quickly and easily increase the temperature of your kitchen. While in the winter it might provide additional heat to the home, in warmer months it can make the space uncomfortable, no matter how good your kitchen design looks.

To combat this, you can include rooflights as part of your design. Each one tailored to bring a freshness to your kitchen, that offers a more natural way of keeping the temperature down. Almost all Vario by VELUX rooflight products can be fitted with an actuator or dual actuator to offer natural ventilation, contributing to the positive mental health and well being of you and your family.

Embrace the modern kitchen with fresh thinking

To achieve the best in terms of looks, flexibility and features for your kitchen, you need to consider a Vario by VELUX rooflight. No matter your aesthetic design choice, a rooflight can breathe new life into your kitchen environment, and shine light onto your contemporary space. Ask us today for more information on how rooflights can complement your kitchen design. 

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