08 Mar, 2022

Interior design trends for 2022

In 2022, why not turn your home into your favourite space and elevate it to new heights? Ensuring that your home is at its best just makes sense, so, for this year, why not check out these interior design trends that cover a range of different ways to allow your home to reach its true potential.

Sustainable design

Being sustainable is more than just a buzzword, with the idea of sustainability now feeding into the interior design industry and our homes. Upcycled, antique and used furniture often has a story to tell and offers a way to refresh old and tired items to give them a new lease of life.

Recently, many designers have started to focus their attention on which materials are best for long-term use and the health of the planet. However, there isn’t a great deal of choice when it comes to this, so designers are limited but not defeated, in their attempt to incorporate sustainable products into their work.

Choosing interior design themes and products that ‘give back’ allows us to make what is old, new again.

Natural items and house plants

For 2022, natural items are going to be increasingly sought after. The theme of bringing the outdoors inside, is a trend we’ve covered here for some time, but it’s one that is growing as the months pass by.

As we just touched on, more and more people will look to transform their home through sustainable means and this is where natural items and designs go hand-in-hand with sustainability. The recent pandemic has seen many of us spend more time indoors than ever before and although the world is slowly returning to some kind of normality, there is no doubt that moving forward, our homes are more important than ever. They need to provide us with everything we need, including our connection to nature - which means natural lighting and ventilation are a must for designers of 2022 and beyond. This also includes touch too, as marble, real wood, linens and more, feel organic, all of which are great to include in sustainable, natural homes.

Included in this more natural design theme are house plants, an often overlooked aspect, house plants can easily provide a natural theme throughout a home. Whether it’s neutral, bohemian-inspired flowers or more tropical varieties which expand the colour palette of your design, both have a place inside the home.


As our homes continue to meet the demands of family and work-life over the last couple of years, one aspect that needs to be considered when it comes to design is its versatility.

A hybrid living and workspace inside the home is paramount, whether to separate the two to allow for focus and concentration, or to ensure both can happen in harmony, it’s an aspect of life you need to consider.

Being more deeply aware of the space you have and how you use it will be fundamental to how your living space can accommodate all areas of your work/life balance while at home. As we touched on earlier, this also extends to the use of more natural elements like daylight and ventilation.


While not a new concept, minimalism is one that can quickly bring new energy into a space by carefully selecting a limited number of items and objects that add a creative flair and approach.

Less clutter around your home means that your theme then relies on what is there, bringing more focus onto minimalist items than if you have two or three times the amount of items around where it can get lost.

It’s important to mention that minimalism doesn’t just mean white walls and floors - sure, the clean look is great but any colour scheme, materials or furniture that add clear, sharp lines can really make a difference.


Cottagecore is an interior design idea that many are looking to embrace in 2022. Designed with The Good Life in mind and drawing inspiration from the countryside, Cottagecore aims to replicate the country life through floral prints, patterns, organic textures and woods to provide homes with a rural vibe, whether they are in the countryside or an urban city.

It is also a design choice that fits with the previous themes of versatility and sustainability, with a lot of the material used, lasting a considerable length of time that combines with vintage pieces and natural elements to create homes that are peaceful and homely.

Natural daylight and well placed ventilation help to cap off this look, providing homeowners with living space that breathes and allows your family home to enjoy a tranquil setting no matter what time of the year it is.

Colours for 2022

While we have focused a lot on overall design trends, there is no doubt that colour still plays an important role in design and as a result, affects our mood.

For 2022, greens, blues and rose tones have been particularly noticeable to be popular with many interior designers, each tone fitting with the minimalist and more natural look we touched on previously. Natural colours and ones that evoke nature, such as shades of green and blue, continue to be a popular base for many homeowners to build their living spaces and homes around. One such colour is Very Peri, a colour that combines the blue and rose tones to create a beautiful and carefree purple effect that is inquisitive and intriguing.

Green in particular is making waves, with its natural tones being blended more and more into both conventional and experimental design ideas, fitting into creative design choices at both ends of the creative spectrum. For a bit of enthusiasm, orange and coral have been two particular colours that have seen a resurgence this year.

In general, the colours for this year are promoting a sense of tranquillity, peacefulness and calm. Perhaps significant when you consider that the last few years for many homes have been quite unusual as now work and family life combine under one roof for many families.

Bring the outdoors indoors and make a change to your home

No matter which interior design ideas for 2022 suit you, your family and your home, why not speak to our Daylight Experts at Vario by VELUX and make a change today. Our Daylight Experts will be more than happy to walk you through the process so you can get the exact look and feel that you want for your home.

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