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22 Mar, 2022

Tips for the best bathroom design

It goes without saying that bathrooms are important. It’s an area of the house that everyone uses and is necessary, due to this, it’s a good idea to make sure that all year round, it’s not just functional but also looks its very best.

To assist with this, we’ve got some tips to ensure that you have the best bathroom design possible.

What does your ideal bathroom look like?

To start with, what do you want your finished bathroom to look like? How do you want to feel when you walk in? Are there certain must-have features that you need? Or perhaps a style or item that you must have? It’s always best to prepare so before you move on to the design, make sure you know what you want and then from there you can start to create a bathroom that is ideal for your home and your family.

The bath and sink

The two areas of your bathroom that you’ll use the most are your bath and your sink. So naturally, it makes sense to focus here. For a bath, why not consider a freestanding bath, to enjoy a luxurious feel with space left for candles and other ornaments.

If you have a growing family, why not consider a double-basin to help manage the morning rush? Combined with high-end tiles and a splashback, a bath and sink upgrade can vastly improve the functionality of a bathroom, as well as its look.

Curves over hard edges

Be different. Bathrooms can follow a simple and modern approach to design by using a lot of hard edges, especially with mirrors and furniture. Why not be different and incorporate a mirror with multiple curves, or perhaps a plant that overlaps and blurs the hard edges of a shelf or decorative piece of furniture. You can also incorporate this type of design philosophy into your main bathroom apparatus like baths and sinks mentioned above, just to add a different style to your bathroom with minimal expense.

Bold and colourful

Matching colours and patterns with one or two colours has been the go-to choice for many homes over the last few years. One trend that has been emerging though, has been the use of more than just a couple of colours, with many bold takes now including 3 or 4 bold and bright colour choices.

While there is still a desire to be tasteful and not overbearing with colour, bathrooms that are incorporating multiple colours in their design choices are reaping the rewards. Many homeowners are utilising a mixture of not just bright colours, but a combination of softer tones to create a look and feel that stands out from the crowd.

Upgrade the flooring 

Why not look down and improve what’s underneath your feet? You can enjoy a range of different design ideas when it comes to your bathroom as long as it’s waterproof, from tiles to vinyl or laminate, there are numerous options when it comes to style.

Also, why not upgrade your flooring beyond looks and add a practical element with underfloor heating. This will add a cosy element to your bathroom routine and make sure you’re warm underfoot. It will also help you to ensure dampness and mold are a thing of the past, underfloor heating will change how your bathroom operates for the better.

Bathroom roof conversion

Have you ever considered how much better your bathroom would be if you had more natural daylight? A rooflight conversion will help you to enjoy your bathroom considerably more, whether it’s enjoying the morning routine while showering under the rising sun, or perhaps relaxing after work and bathing under the evening sky. A bathroom with a rooflight elevates the entire room to another level without compromising on privacy. 

A bespoke, slimline Vario by VELUX rooflight can elevate a bathroom with a modern look that allows natural daylight and air to flow through. This won’t only provide your home with a luxurious master bathroom but also a way of investing in your property to increase its value when the time comes to sell.

Speak to our Daylight Experts

Inspired? If so, why not take your bathroom to the next level and incorporate some breath-taking daylight options inside. Get in touch with our Daylight Experts today at Vario by VELUX and start your journey to a wonderful new, vibrant, and beautiful bathroom rooflight. Take your bathroom and your home, to the next level. 

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