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11 May, 2021

Stay safe: Why choose anti-burglary rooflights

The safety and security of your home should be of the utmost importance for you and your family. For burglars, rooflights can be one of the areas they’ll try to exploit if they haven’t been optimised for safety and security.

Criminals will often try to find weak points of the home to try and exploit, so you need to make sure they don’t exist. To be secure, you need rooflights that are tested to the burglary resistance standard.

What does the burglary resistance standard mean?

While it might appear obvious, burglary resistance standard means that a rooflight has been manufactured to such a level where it passes the standard required to achieve such a classification.

This European level assessment of burglary-retardant joinery is made up of six categories and goes through rigorous testing to assess the resistance of these elements to static and dynamic pressure as well as to manual burglary attempts. The test measures against the attacker, the objective, means of action and various levels of the type of tools used to try to intrude into the property.

While it is certainly not a cast-iron preventative measure against burglary, it’s a standard that should allow you to protect your home against most manual burglary attempts, even against forceful tools like sledgehammers and powerful electric tools like grinders and portable drills.

What are the different burglary resistance levels and how is the test performed?

When testing windows and doors, there can’t be any weak point in the construction that could give attackers an easy way in. The frame, glazing, edge or the lock are parts of the construction that an intruder would look to identify and attempt to manipulate.

When it comes to working out a product burglary resistance level, areas that burglars look to take advantage of are rigorously tested and put under various degrees of stress. As mentioned previously, there are six types of burglary resistance classes: RC1 through to RC6. Each class increases the strength of the tools used to break in, combined with the time it takes for the attacker to make a breakthrough. If the product successfully meets those class criteria, then that’s the RC it’s awarded.

For example, RC2 (Resistance Class 2) withstands a burglar with basic tools who spends between 3 to 15 minutes breaking into a house, whereas to meet RC6 standard, the product would need to withstand an experienced burglar with powerful tools for 20 to 50 minutes.

The strong security upgrades of Vario by VELUX rooflights

The Vario by VELUX rooflight has received the RC2 classification, thanks to our upgrades which makes it significantly harder for burglars to break through, allowing you to enjoy your home in a safe and secure fashion. In order to achieve this, our bespoke rooflights built with the burglary resistant upgrade now have:

- Special brackets that secure the frame

- Unique one-direction security screws 

- Additional pre-drilled holes inside the top unit that help with security

- A laminated inner pane with 4xPVB foils and a structural glazing silicone.

Protecting yourself, your home and your family is important and having the peace of mind that a burglary resistance rooflight can provide you with is priceless. So, with Vario by VELUX bespoke rooflights, you can enjoy the tranquillity of natural sunlight coming through to your home without the stress and worry of burglars discovering a weak point and intruding into your property. With the burglary resistant classification, there’s no need to worry.

Are you interested in getting more information about the burglary resistant option we offer? Then feel free to contact us or visit our build your own configurator and configure your own burglary resistant rooflight straight away. 

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