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01 Sep, 2021

7 inspirational roof designs that will transform your home

Roofs are an important part of the home when it comes to structure, functionality and looks but how can you upgrade and take it to the next level? Well, we’ve put together a list of seven stunning and inspiring roof designs that will fundamentally transform your property. Can you imagine any of these roof designs as a part of your home?

Roof Designs That Will Rejuvenate Your Home

Skillion and Lean-To

With angular lines that evoke modern design, skillion and lean-to roof types leave homes with a striking and bold look that just oozes class. The angle roofs create a wonderful way for rooflights to allow natural daylight to seep into living spaces in unique and thoughtful ways that bring the indoors together. The steep pitch of these designs also allows water to run off easily and reduce the concerns of water damage during wetter seasons.

With an impressive design aesthetic and functionality that eases damage concerns, it’s a wonderful choice for any home.

Butterfly Roof 

Another striking look that is aesthetically pleasing in its grace and form. Called butterfly due to its v-shape that makes it look like a butterfly’s wings, the butterfly roof inverts two flat roofs to create a simply stunning look that when combined with rooflights, take your indoor space to new heights. The inverted angle of both roofs meeting creates unique opportunities for rooflights to filter through natural daylight that can create a wonderfully pleasing area of the home that’s perfect for family and friends to get together and convene.


Simplistic in its design but graceful in its execution, the Mediterranean style flat roof is a timeless classic that can be moulded to suit your theme and design choices. An affordable option, flat roofs that are built to allow sunlight in through rooflights and as a result are elevated to be more modern and classy than their non-rooflight counterparts.

Hip and Valley

One of the most common and popular designs, hip and valley roofs are often used on homes quite simply because they look fantastic. Its differing angles and contours allow it to be visually impactful and a big part of a home’s overall look. It’s also another roof design that can be designed with rooflights without harming the design. It will not just improve the look of your home but also how it operates day-to-day with improved lighting and ventilation.


Another classic design that features two roof sections that slope in opposite directions, meeting at the top to create an eye-catching shape.

A great choice for many homeowners, the gable roof property also provides a more economic friendly choice as due to its simple construction, it’s one of the cheapest to build for your home, leaving you with more money to spend elsewhere.


You could, of course, combine the above styles or in fact, others like pitch, gambrel or the dutch gable which features a small gable at the point of a hipped roof, a combination of these can be put together to create truly unique roofs.

Let your imagination run wild, what roof design fits your home and your needs?

Reinvigorate Your Roof With A Rooflight

To truly make your roof inspirational you need to embrace a new way of thinking and allow your roof to be more than just part of your property’s structural integrity. By installing a rooflight, you’ll rejuvenate your home with a sleek modern design that allows you to enjoy better ventilation and more natural light to radiate throughout, but which style is best for you? To help, why not get in touch with one of our daylight experts who are on hand to help at any time. 

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