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19 Jan, 2021

6 Vario rooflight combinations to create drama & style

Choosing a collection of bespoke rooflights is a very exciting part of any extension or renovation project, but it can also seem a bit daunting. With so many variables and combinations to choose from, how do you know you’re making the right choice for your home? Our Daylight experts are on hand to help with specific advice for your space, anytime you need it, but to fire your imagination and inspire you to dream in daylight, they’ve created six options that will deliver guaranteed drama into any space.

Combining The Square Rooflight and The Round Rooflight

Putting the angular edges of the square as a contrast to the more flowing, organic round shapes create instant architectural interest, as well as creating a variety of light patterning below that shifts across the room as the daylight outside changes.

Three Long Slim Rooflights

Long Slim Rooflights are traditionally used to bring a bar of light into a side return extension, but they really add definition and drama when placed long side on to each other across the room, creating a wonderful effect of multiple waterfalls of light pooling into the room as well as a striking ceiling design that will really get people talking.


The Unlimited Rooflight

This modular option allows you to put as many different panes of glass together as you like, creating an almost unbroken view of the sky above. It creates the impression of living outside under the sky (or stars) without any of the inconvenience the traditional British weather sometimes brings. Adding ventilation options allows you to customise how much and where the roof opens so you can really enjoy the benefits of brighter days.

vario velux modular rooflight

Three Round Rooflights

The simplicity and universal symmetry of three of The Round Rooflights makes for an interesting architecture in your fifth wall. But the real drama happens down below as three separate and distinct lakes of light shift across your room during the day, allowing those in the room to step from one pool of sunlight to another and see the room transform over time.

Three Square Rooflights

The combination of three square rooflights is extremely striking as their sharp edges complement each other, each setting off the other perfectly and adding to the overall effect. As with the round rooflights you get three distinct areas of daylight that move across the room during the day, but these have an edgier feel compared with the organic feel of the round ones.

rooflight square

The Rectangular Rooflight and The Long Slim Rooflight

These two shapes are ideal for an open plan space to differentiate between different zones in the home. You could have a Long Slim Rooflight following a galley kitchen whilst The Rectangular Rooflight illuminates a seating or dining area. Alternatively they work just as well flipped round with The Long Slim Rooflight following the line of a dining table whilst The Rectangular one pours light into every corner of a larger kitchen space, such as one with an island of breakfast bar attached.

vario by velux bespoke long slim rooflight side extension

Still confused? Not to worry, Daylight Experts to the rescue! We’re perfectly poised to help you make those all important decisions and support you in creating your ideal living space. Get in touch with our Daylight Experts today.

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