01 Jun, 2023

Stunning custom - made rooflight & blind transform Sussex renovation

Our real life cases are meant to inspire you, so we always look for unique projects to follow and document. This case is unique in it’s own right thanks to the early adoption of bespoke blinds to fit the Vario by VELUX rooflights.

Let us take you on a journey to a beautifully renovated 1930’s home in East-Sussex, where homeowner Graham Gray lives alongside his wife, children and dog. As much as they loved their house as it was, they finally made the decision to redevelop mostly the back of the house. This renovation included not only a bespoke rectangular rooflight, but also custom made blinds which perfectly fit the roof window.

Brightening up a 1930’s home with natural lighting

A house built in the ‘30’s isn’t usually the brightest of homes. These houses often come with few or small windows which don’t allow natural lighting to fully penetrate a room, causing dark spots and corners all around the house. This is why Graham and his family wanted natural daylight to be a focal point in the renovation of their mid-century home, saying “Light was really important to make an area spacious and airy.”. They sure lit up the place by choosing one of the biggest singular bespoke rooflights in the size 3000 mm by 1000 mm.

The perks of a big custom Vario by Velux skylight

Because the Gray family opted for such a big rectangular skylight, it let in a bunch of light. We asked Graham what he loved the most about the rooflight; “During the day you are looking at the sunlight being brought in, and then during the night you are looking at the wondrous sky and the stars. And if I’m honest during the summer I can’t see us using any light other than the light coming from the VELUX rooflight.”. Another bright side to our rooflights is that they don’t require days or even weeks of work. The three by one meter skylight was practically placed in less than a morning!

Creating an ambience with blinds for VELUX roof windows

While having a rooflight comes with a lot of perks, there is something to consider; sunlight can’t be dimmed down. Sometimes you want a room to feel warm and cozy, which you often do by turning off some lights or closing the curtains. Graham and his family understood the importance of creating an ambience, and thus opted for skylight blinds for VELUX roof windows. Graham’s daughter added; “The rooflight can do so much more than just be a feature. It has a lot of practicality like giving ambience for movies and makes the space feel more homey and lived in.”

Why Graham and his builder chose Vario by Velux as their window supplier

Graham’s builder had recommended VELUX because “it’s a well-known, high quality brand with excellent customer support”. But what played an exceptionally big part in the decision was the availability of Vario, mostly thanks to our unique feature to design your own custom rooflight. The Gray’s made a bold move to go very large and incorporated a big rooflight with a feature that allows them to open it remotely, allowing for natural ventilation. This meant that Graham and his family could choose the size that they wanted and needed, including custom fit blinds and a rain detector which automatically closes the window in case of bad weather.

Welcome the beauty of daylight into your living space with custom skylights

Whether you are looking to renovate your home like Graham or constructing your own, our bespoke rooflights are the perfect solution to infuse your space with natural light. Rooflights will transform your home into a vibrant environment thanks to all that daylight. Our team of trusted daylight specialists are ready to guide you in selecting the perfect skylight for your wants and needs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your living space and discover the impact of natural lighting with Vario by VELUX. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts and explore the endless possibilities!

internal image of bespoke flat rooflight and black roller blind
woman underneath rooflight
Internal image of bespoke flat rooflight with roller blind and daylight shining through
inside extension man and woman looking up to a bespoke flat rooflight - man opening the rooflight electrically with remote
inside kitchen extension man operating blind on a bespoke flat rooflight with a remote
close up image externally of bespoke flat rooflight with chain on show as window is in opened position
inside extension showing the huge amount of daylight a bespoke flat rooflight allows to penetrate into the space below
internal image of kitchen extension including bespoke flat rooflight
kitchen living extension with large bespoke flat rooflight
exterior of extension in sussex with bespoke flat rooflight white brick and red roof - image taken from garden
woman cooking in kitchen extension with bespoke flat rooflight above
man and woman working and reading inside extension bespoke flat rooflight pictured above allowing in a lot of natural light
external drone shot of bespoke flat rooflight in sussex renovation project
external image of bespoke flat rooflight on roof of an extension in sussex
inside kitchen extension with bespoke flat rooflight showing light casting against internal furnishings

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