25 Aug, 2021

The sky and stars in a loft-converted master bathroom

When we visited Hayley in East Sussex, we discovered the phenomenal and positive impact a Vario by VELUX rooflight can have on a loft conversion. After moving to a Victorian-style house, Hayley and her family wanted to transform the loft into a fresh and spacious master bathroom that offered much more than the small one already in place on a lower floor.

While the loft space had adequate room to accommodate everything the family needed, the light was an issue. Hayley went for the Vario by VELUX Rectangular Rooflight (1170mm x 780mm) and once installed it brought everything together. The pink walls glowed and the bathroom fittings and accessories glistened as they got ready in the morning, or relaxed in the evening, with the sky and stars filtering in from above.

We only saw the true beauty of what had been accomplished once we visited Hayley and she explained how her dream master bathroom came to be...

From a box-standard loft to an exciting and fresh conversion

“As soon as they cut out the opening for the rooflight and they put that rooflight in it just elevated the whole space and immediately you could see what the finished room was going to look like. It was really exciting.

When we first moved here we decided that we wanted to renovate. With Victorian houses you tend to get a small middle bathroom on the upper floor so we were missing a big walk-in shower and I dreamed of a nice big vanity unit - the goal of doing the loft conversion was to create a nice big generous master bathroom.

Every time I went to look at a loft I thought it looked quite like a new build and box-like. It was difficult to add character and features in there and so the idea when we converted the loft into the bathroom was to have the feature of the bespoke roof window to add a special quality.”

The Vario by VELUX difference - beautiful inside and out

“To me, there are a lot of rooflights on the market that can open but they look very clunky from the inside and I wanted something that looked very stylish inside, as well as out.

Part of the reason I was drawn to the Vario by VELUX rooflight was the slim profile it had for when you were looking at it from in the room up above - it just elevates a room. And in this day and age when we are trying to be more conscious about what we buy and to be more sustainable - I think to buy once and buy well and to go bespoke, for me, felt like the right way to go.”

A golden glow with star qualities

“Without a shadow of a doubt if we were to do this room without the rooflight there is no way we would have the light bright space we would have right now. Where we positioned it works really well because when we’re standing at the sink, using the mirror, brushing teeth, getting ready in the morning it just means that the light is in exactly the right place it needs to be. And it casts such a beautiful golden glow in here and the whole room just feels very warm and inviting.

The greatest joy of the whole renovation process was when the builders had left and the dust had settled - it was to take that first bath under the new rooflight, looking at the stars and looking at what we created.”

Add more natural daylight in your home today

It’s hard not to love the finish that Hayley’s Rectangular Rooflight has created, providing the home with a long-lasting and elegant master bathroom they can enjoy for years.

Are you looking to emulate Hayley’s design choice? Or have you been inspired to create something a little bit different? Whatever your personal preference, talk to our Daylight Experts today and discover how your home can benefit from the beauty and elegance of natural daylight.

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