16 Apr, 2018

The Rectangular Rooflight in a dreamy London extension

We met up with Maya in her stylish London home, not long after she and husband Alex had finished their dream extension, complete with a bespoke rooflight.

“When my husband and I chose to extend our home, planning permission was hard to come by and the actual extension we were allowed to do wasn’t going to be very big. I was worried that it’d end up feeling squashed and not having the impact I wanted it to.

I really wanted our new space to feel as large and airy as possible, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that given we were so restricted on the actual size of the extension. We were advised that the best way to achieve the effect I wanted in a small space would be to open up part of the ceiling with a bespoke window, but we needed it to be energy efficient too.

I was really pleased that I could have so much input into the design of the rooflight, from the shape and size, to the colours and features. It really made a difference being able to have it exactly as I wanted it and to have the energy efficient eco credentials assured too.

When it was incorporated into the extension plans, I could start to see how it was going to make a difference, but it wasn’t until it was actually installed that I realised how effective it was going to be. Plus, I had the option to select their on-roof delivery and installation service. It was truly a no brainer. Everything moved so fast from ordering to installing the rooflight.

The Vario by VELUX bespoke window totally transformed the space and allowed us to flood the new dining area with light whilst remaining energy efficient. The addition of so much extra natural light allowed the living space to blend naturally with the garden outside. We both work, so we want to make the most of each end of the day when we’re home. Morning and evening, our dining room is bathed in natural light. I love being in there now, it’s my favourite bit of the house.”


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