03 Apr, 2023

The perfect extension: Creating a brighter space with a bespoke rooflight

When you are renovating your home, you want the result to be exactly as you pictured it. Abigail and her husband Mark were able to do just that! They had plans to extend their home and renovate their kitchen & dining area with loads of natural light. Little did they know that Vario by VELUX had a surprise in store for Abigail and her family. Curious what their experience was like? Be sure to keep reading!

Natural daylight is a key component of Abigail’s home

Natural daylight is an essential part of the look and feel of a house. When Abigail and her husband were planning on renovating their home, which they started in 2019, they understood the importance of this concept. The couple told us: “We were always planning to have a rooflight to let in as much light as possible”. Their home was built in the 1930’s, so the small windows from the original build weren’t able to provide them with enough light.

The family introduced as many windows as they could. The Vario skylight was the perfect addition to their vision. It has really made sure that they can enjoy nature to the fullest every single day. “Without the rooflight, the space just wouldn’t be the same” is what the couple had told us.

Bespoke rooflights; custom made to fit your needs

There’s a world full of skylights in many shapes and sizes, but not all of them will fit your wants and needs. Vario by VELUX acts as a bridge, linking your creative ideas with the perfect rooflight for your space. Abigail agreed with us and said “The importance of bespoke meant that we could get exactly the size that we wanted.”. She and her husband opted with a single rectangular skylight in one piece, instead of it being dissected into different parts. This allowed the space to be in touch with nature and filled with daylight without casting shadows. While most custom designs can only be visualized after they’ve been installed, we offer a design tool in which you can plan out your vision and get an idea of what you can expect. Abigail actually used the configurator on our website and even called it ‘best practice’. Always wondered how a roof window could upgrade your space? Be sure to design your own bespoke rooflight here. 

Transform the feel of your home with a Vario rooflight

Vario by Velux wants you to not only live in your home, but also be in touch with the energy of the space. This vision matched with what Abigail was looking for. She told us that VELUX helped them create the feeling that they wanted, which was as much light as possible and the rooflight does that immensely. Since they had been renovating their home for quite some time, the couple felt loads of relief and excitement when the roof window was finally installed adding: “We had been staring at an open hole for weeks, and when it actually dropped in it was amazing.”.

A holiday feel with light and nature

Mark and Abigail have always had a dream to live in Ibiza, but aren’t able to do so now that they have three kids. That’s why they wanted to spice up their home with a holiday atmosphere as if they brought a little Ibiza with them. Their south facing property helps them do that as they can enjoy the sunlight from the early hours of the morning. Add in a big rooflight and some lovely plants, and they were able to create that holiday feeling in the comfort of their own home.

Vario by VELUX as a trusted partner in custom skylights

A roof window isn’t a product you decide to buy on a whim. Having a reliable manufacturer by your side every step of the way is crucial, which is why we understand this need. Vario by VELUX will aid you every step of the way, from design to placement. Abigail was glad that our daylight experts were there to offer expertise and advice. She told us “We got a lot of help from VELUX and they were so helpful. There was always somebody on hand to help guide us through the process.”.

Invite the daylight by getting your own bespoke roof windows

Whether you're renovating an existing home or building a new one, our custom rooflights are an excellent addition that will bring natural light into your home, creating a brighter and more comfortable living environment. Trust our daylight experts to help you choose the right rooflight for your space, and see the difference that natural light can make in your home with Vario by VELUX. Make sure to book a consultation to find out how a bespoke skylight can brighten your home.