24 Jun, 2021

Replacing old and pointy with modern and sleek rooflights

We visited Lucy Harvey in York, as she explained how Vario by VELUX rooflights turned their lovely family property into their true dream home, providing not just a serenity and calmness that radiates throughout but also offers practical benefits too.

Lucy reached out to us as she wanted to replace her previous rooflight solution fitted to a kerb on her flat roof, which did not look ideal. She upgraded to a four plus one rooflight system seen here that has connected the home to its beautiful surroundings, allowing nature and the progression of the sun across the sky to play its part in creating a unique and welcoming environment.

On our visit, we discovered a home that was transformed, with daylight enhancing the property’s overall design aesthetic in order to create the perfect family home, here’s Lucy to explain how this was achieved in more detail.

Creating a dream home

“We absolutely love this house, we first saw it six years ago and were attracted by the gardens - it had a beautiful layout. The house itself was lovely but it didn't quite fit our family needs so we undertook one massive project to create our perfect family home. When we created the new hallway we knew we really wanted lots and lots of natural daylight to flood in.

I found out about Vario by VELUX by doing an internet search. I was looking for something quite specific and I chose them because they were able to construct the exact sizes that we needed.

The installation process was extremely simple - they immediately sent one of their Professional Partners to conduct a site visit and make an assessment of the replacement project and agree on a quote. After that, on day one, they craned all the windows onto the roof and after a week the installation was complete and we were delighted with the outcome.”

The finer details and long-lasting benefits

“The beautiful thing about Vario by VELUX is that their profiling is very small which therefore allows far more glass than you would normally get and as a result light just floods in.

We went for four plus one rooflights - four of them were for the hallway and the fifth one (the plus one) was for our boot room. By adding an extra Vario by VELUX we just gave it that extra edge of special factor.

The greatest joy was when the windows were all finally fitted and we just saw the amazing effect it had on the hallway upstairs and that was a real fantastic joy - and also looking at the house from afar and seeing what a lovely roof profile it had from afar.

One of our favourite things about the window is that they have sensors - so previously we would never leave them open when we were out in case it started to rain, but now we can open up the rooflights on a lovely day and not worry at all as should it rain they automatically close. So you always come back to a lovely cool house on a summer's day.

The first time I saw the rooflights installed I felt so happy. I remember being at the top of the stairs looking up and thinking ‘oh my word, why did we not do this from day one?’

I felt so happy and delighted we had taken that decision to do them.”

Enjoy natural daylight in your home by talking to our experts

Are you inspired by the outcome of Lucy’s wonderful dream home? If so, why not talk to one of our Daylight Experts today and discover how your own family home can enjoy the natural beauty of daylight to enhance the atmosphere and aesthetic look of your home.

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vario by velux bespoke rooflight replacement
vario by velux bespoke rooflight replacement
vario by velux bespoke rooflight replacement
vario by velux bespoke rooflight replacement
vario by velux bespoke rooflight replacement
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vario by velux bespoke rooflight replacement

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