30 Sep, 2021

Seanics - rethinking existing spaces, design & functionality

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the open water in a different way? How about dinner on the river? Relaxing just off the coast? Or maybe even working out or simply working while floating in the sea?

Well, with GoBoat’s new initiative called Seanics, you can enjoy urban areas and amenities in a way that wasn’t possible before - on the open water. Thanks to Vario by VELUX’s world-class craftsmanship and partnership with Seanics’ range of floating modules are transforming how people live, work and play.

As you can see from the images (scroll down), it’s an outstanding experience and its flexibility means that these spaces can be easily adaptable and crafted to suit a range of wants and needs.

A module can be whatever is desired, from a luxurious dinner space to a meeting room and so much more. These modules can also be anchored and thanks to a unique coupling and ballast systems can also be linked together seamlessly, creating the ideal space.

It’s an incredible and innovative experience that is unlike any other.

Sustainable, elegant, and atmospheric

Seanics aims to exploit water by delivering recreational facilities in ways that was just not possible a few years ago. It’s an incredibly innovative idea. Creating the world’s first specially designed catamaran hull, made from bio-composite materials, aiding sustainability. 

Seanics modules combine looks, atmosphere and importantly, functionality. A range of high-tech equipment including wifi, custom-designed furniture, bespoke interior solutions and incredible amenities can be included - to name a few.

Just imagine an experience that allows you to wake up to a panoramic sunrise, surrounded by calming water, connecting you to the outside world, in ways unlike any other.

Architect and Co-Founder of GoBoat Carl Kai Rand also commented on the position of rooflights and glass in general on these innovative modules:

“To not only work with the sides but also work with what’s above you, has a whole different effect on us as humans and that makes the experience inside the room very unique. There is such an interesting space between shade and light, to have those changes and contrast is a very important element to create an energised room.” 

“The subtle atmosphere, that it all just feels natural, is proof that it’s succeeded, and I think that’s the real challenge for any product or design, that you feel at rest immediately.”

When designing small spaces, it is crucial to consider adding vertical light as well as horizontal light. Vertical light allows a space to feel bigger and brighter, whilst not compromising on privacy.

Natural daylight that enhances the experience

The Vario by VELUX touch within Seanics modules, creates a closeness to nature, complimenting the surroundings and provides interaction with water.

Co-founder of GoBoat, Kasper Eich-Romme, told us why they wanted to partner with Vario by VELUX on the project: “We chose to work with Vario by VELUX because it’s customisable and has a sleek design, and it’s easy to adapt into the different types of modules that we create. Not least the sustainable values that VELUX has aligned with our vision. We want to align ourselves with companies who want to create a greener and better world.”

The Vario by VELUX rooflights built into the modules come with an opening feature that ensures a good indoor environment. The rooflights leverage heat from the sun, creating a sustainable way of enjoying a truly unique space, enveloped by natural light.

In 2022 Seanics will be launching dining and restaurant modules in Canary Wharf, London, allowing people to enjoy the city whistling by, in a truly unique way. It’s not a stretch to say these versatile modular spaces, will transform how we live moving forward.

Transform your space with natural daylight today

Do you have an area of your property that would benefit from the beauty of natural daylight you see here? Whether you have your own ideas or would like help to see the potential your property has, contact us today and speak to one of our daylight experts. Take that first step, to allow natural beauty in your home. 


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