10 May, 2018

Amir, Bolton, May 2018

We met Amir, Nadia, baby Fayez and their dog Bibi at their newly renovated and extended home in Bolton where they’d just transformed their living space by designing with daylight.

“When we moved into our house, it was pretty much big enough but the decor was very old school and not really in line with our vision of a contemporary home. We also didn’t like the fact that there were so many separate rooms downstairs, it all felt a bit boxed off and not very compatible with modern living. The priority was to bring the rooms together, extend a bit and create a properly contemporary home.

We knew we wanted an open plan living space, with a really distinctive, sleek look; contemporary lighting, minimal and very cool. I let Nadia choose most of the furniture. Happy wife, happy life and all that. But I wanted to keep control of the overall project and I had a really strong vision for what I wanted it to feel like.

I consulted with the builder a bit to make sure we could do what I was thinking but the main idea was mine. I’d seen some cool contemporary lighting ideas on American houses online, where they used lots of glass and light so I knew the effect I was aiming for there. I knew I had to have something that was really different from all the houses around us. I wanted to create a contemporary home with the wow factor.

I talked to one of Vario's Daylight Experts and I really liked the fact that they had so many possibilities and different options to choose from. Together we found one and I thought “Yeah! That’s it!” Then I added a bunch of good stuff like the remote control opening that helped it feel even more modern and cool. You know us guys, we can’t resist a gadget!

Delivery was free and the builder had no problem installing it. I’m super pleased with how it looks now. You’d never realise it was the same house if you saw the pictures from before.”

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