rooflight square
29 Aug, 2018

Newcastle house extension adding The Square Rooflight

We met David and his daughter Stephanie at their newly extended home in Newcastle where they told us about how they came to use Vario by VELUX rooflights in their kitchen.

“As our daughter got older, our house was starting to feel a little bit poky. We weren’t sure about moving though, it was going to be too expensive when we factored in all the extras like stamp duty and fees, so we decided to extend and see if we could get the extra space we wanted from a home renovation and who knows, maybe add a bit of value too. The wife and I wanted a proper family kitchen and dining area. Somewhere we could all come together and spend an evening, ditch our screens and spend time catching up.

When the extension plan was drawn up by our architect, the new space looked plenty big enough to fit in the kitchen we wanted, but there was something not quite right. The proposed house renovations looked a bit boxy and strange. We thought about it a bit and looked at a whole bunch of pictures online. We picked out a few that we really liked and realised they all had some sort of rooflights.

The rooflights added a whole new dimension to the rooms we’d got on our vision board. The natural light coming in from above was beautiful, it elevated the whole room and broke up the boxy feel we’d not liked in the original home renovation designs.

Once we’d designed our ideal rooflight online, choosing everything from shape to size to features in just a few clicks, the architect put the made to measure rooflights into his house renovation drawings and the whole thing started to come together. We chose Vario because they had a product that was a custom fit for our house, from VELUX, a name we knew we could trust to last. Another advantage was their on-roof delivery and installation service. That definitely gave me some peace of mind. Firstly, it saved me a lot of money and time and secondly, it was installed by somebody whose expertise I could trust. 

Now, the extension is really, really gorgeous, especially with all the light coming in. We’ve got a proper family space now, that Stephanie, Laura and I all love to hang out in.”

rooflight square
Vario by VELUX rooflight

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