Perfect Positioning
The following animations will help you visualise how the position of rooflight can change the effects and quality of daylight within a space. Covering the most common roof window positionings, you will see how specific configurations and designs can transform a variety of spaces.
Centre of the ceiling

Centre of the ceiling

A rooflight positioned in the centre of a ceiling creates a stable and organised interior atmosphere. Placed above a central feature, like a kitchen island, it can enhance the occupants’ experience by providing an optimal combination of activity and biological light.
Off centre

Off centre

Off-centre rooflights create visual tension with the plane they’re closest to. This enables designers to create dynamic daylight experiences that draw the eye and create interesting visual experiences. They could be used to complement another design feature in the room. 

In The Corner

Rooflights with a corner position enables designers to brighten particularly dark spaces or highlight prominent feature in a room.
Near the edge

Near The Edge

A rectangular rooflight (e.g., the long slim one), when positioned near the edge of a wall plane, will wash the surface with incoming light, highlighting textures and features. White walls will convert the same daylight into reflected lighting, creating a gentler ambience for the space.

Above A Staircase

Rooflights above a staircase can distribute light to several floors and provide occupants with well-lit stairs, helping them navigate clearly as they move from floor to floor.

As A Lightwell

Using a rooflight as a lightwell can brighten lower floors that would otherwise be without direct access to daylight by borrowing light from another rooflight on a floor above.
Deep spaces

To Brighten Deeper Spaces

Rooflights can be positioned in deep plan rooms to bring daylight into those areas that lack other sources of natural light. This positioning is especially important for extensions or underneath terraces that have replaced exterior windows. 
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