Size & Shape
A Rooflight For Every Need
Here you can explore the range of Vario by VELUX products, their most common shapes, sizes, perceptual effects, and aesthetic impacts. Thanks to the versatility in size and shape, there is an almost unlimited number of options that can be tailored to suit specific environments and align with individual occupant needs and desires.

The Round Rooflight

Round rooflights can create beautiful pools of natural daylight within a space. They produce distinctive circular shafts of daylight that transforms the atmosphere of a space as the sun’s position moves across the sky. 

Designers can add focal glow to any feature with round rooflights –– they can draw attention to an artwork or help illuminate a study space, satisfying both functional and aesthetic needs. They’re also a great way to add individual character to a room as designers can get creative with both orderly and abstract forms of light.


The Square Rooflight

Square rooflights are a great way to illuminate key areas in a space and create a sense of wonder in a room. They can be positioned in parallel with a room’s lines or arranged together for a sense of uniformity.

If you dare to dream big, you can specify a large size that resembles a glass ceiling and create a powerful connection to the outside world. Or use your creativity by specifying a selection of smaller squares and staggering them across a ceiling to create a whimsical sense of abstract movement.


The Rectangular Rooflight

Rectangular rooflights allow designers to shape spaces with daylight by highlighting areas with lavish strips of natural light. The shape provides designers with the perfect dimensions to align daylight with interior features like kitchens islands and dining tables. Designers can also flood working areas with uplifting natural light and provide functional activity lighting to occupants. 

They can be used to create a ‘frame’ of the sky, as well as provide both floods and trickles of light depending on the size, and help designers produce a sense of asymmetric balance in room when positioned off centre.  


The Unlimited Rooflight

Unlimited rooflights are designed to give occupants the ultimate daylight freedom. They’re able to provide uninterrupted spans of glass over virtually unlimited distances, providing awe-inspiring panoramas of the sky. Ideal for extensions or making a statement in hallways and entrance areas, unlimited rooflights can become the overhead plane, not just a feature, and allow designers the opportunity to give occupants unrestricted access to daylight. Whether the space needs task lighting or a connection to nature, the bespoke nature of Unlimited rooflights allows designers to let their imaginations run free. 

The Long Slim Rooflight

Long, slim rooflights are sleek, sophisticated, and stylish. They have the unique ability to create waterfalls of light, or diffuse daylight, to deliver a soft yet distinctive look. Their effects can transform the entire character of a space by washing feature walls with dramatic light beams. They’re also great for dense urban environments as they can deliver light into spaces where façade windows aren’t an option due to planning, construction or privacy constraints. 

The Walk-on Rooflight

Ideal for giving occupants a bridge between the inside and outside, walk-on rooflights can be used on a roof terrace to flood the room below with lots of beautiful natural light.


By maximising light entry without impeding the functionality of the floor space above, walk-on rooflights enable designers to add value to the spaces underneath; for example, a kitchen positioned beneath a roof terrace can benefit from natural light while enjoying an interesting view above. They’re also great as lightwells too.

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