Available Upgrades
Available Upgrades
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Our bespoke roller blind offers privacy and adjustable lighting for any space! They are easy to install, available in white, grey, and black, and have a sleek design. You can even choose to have the blind pre-installed on our rooflights. 

Restrictions apply 

With remote and app control, you can operate the blinds conveniently from your smartphone.

VELUX Active offers a convenient solution for achieving a healthier indoor climate. With the VELUX Active with NETATMO smartphone application, you can effortlessly control lighting, ventilation, and temperature settings. You have the flexibility to manage these features manually or automate them according to your daily routine. This system is compatible with our electrically Opening Rooflights and Blinds

Electric Opening

Concealed Motor

Our opening rooflights offer a practical solution to ventilation, featuring a seamlessly integrated chain actuator that is discreetly concealed and installed within the wooden upstand. With a stroke length of 260mm, these rooflights provide a generous free opening of 190mm when fully opened.

For your convenience, a standard control unit, rain sensor, and wireless controls are included in the price of the opening rooflight. Additionally, we offer a 3-year VELUX guarantee on all electrical components.

When closed, Vario by VELUX opening rooflights maintain the same sleek appearance as their fixed counterparts. The pre-installed actuator remains hidden, allowing the beautiful aesthetics of the Vario by VELUX design to shine. 


Anti-slip Dots

Anti-slip Dots

Upgrade your bespoke walk-on rooflight with anti-slip dots – the perfect solution for residential buildings seeking safety, style, and compliance.

Our anti-slip dots combine exceptional traction and grip, ensuring secure footing even in slippery conditions. With durability and longevity as key features, our rooflight withstands heavy foot traffic and harsh weather. Its sleek design adds elegance to any architectural setting.

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Burglary Resistance

Burglary Resistance

To reinforce the security of a Vario by VELUX rooflight or to meet building regulations, we provide a burglary-resistant upgrade option for our products.

This upgrade incorporates a range of features that substantially enhance the resistance against break-ins through the rooflight.

Our burglary-resistant rooflight design has undergone extensive testing and has achieved certification for burglar resistance in accordance with EN 1627:2011 & NEN 5096:2012+A1:2015 standards, specifically achieving Class 2 (RC2) classification.

vario by velux burglary resistance
vario by velux solar protection
Solar Protection

Solar Protection

Deepen your understanding of how the specialised glazing units of Vario by VELUX can effectively regulate indoor environments, minimise overheating, and manage light penetration.

Having too much heat or light enter through your rooflight can present as much of a problem as trying to keep heat in. Our solar control glazing offers efficient reduction of the heat from the sun. The human eye will easily compensate for the reduced light transmittance,  which is approx. 20% less than our LowE glazings. There will be no green/blue tint in the glazing, merely a darker luminance. Click here to check the full insulating glazing table and for more detailed information on the thermal transmittance, solar gain, and light transmittance values of Vario by VELUX products, click here.

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