01 Sep, 2021

Light that creates smiles - How a new rooflight rejuvenates a living space

Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting Anna in her lovely Hertfordshire home where a freshly installed Vario by VELUX Unlimited Rooflight has transformed how her home both looks and feels.

As you can tell by the accompanying images, the rooflight has created a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere that has elevated the living space with light that creates a sense of calm and tranquility throughout the day. While we were there, we asked Anna about the difference the new rooflight had made to her life and her home.

Anna, it’s a lovely home and straight away we can see the beauty of your wonderful new rooflight but we have to ask, what made you start this project?

“Coming from South Africa, I love light, I think it's a necessity - we moved to England almost 40 years ago, bought this house and love it.

It was time to replace my existing rooflight as we had a leak. I knew it had to be replaced as the longer I was waiting, the bigger the problem was going to become. And I wanted to be more modern.

I phoned the architect and said to him ‘what must I do?’ and he said to me: ‘well, I’ll bring somebody over from Vario by VELUX.’

I had such a good experience, everything was done so professionally. Vario by VELUX worked with us and what we had - and they had to make a few adjustments - but that was done unobtrusively and the end product is beautiful.”

What improvements have you seen between the old rooflight and the new one?

“The design of the extension is better now than when we had the previous rooflight. The lantern that stood up always bothered my eye and now this flat roof is unobtrusive. When I look out of my windows upstairs I don't see anything, I just see the garden, it’s just opened up another dimension.

Another thing is the rain, the sound is different - it’s softer and I like the pool of water you can see lying on it - the different little patterns. It’s a wonderful sound and view so I really recommend it.”

With the new rooflight you’re now enjoying more light in this stunning space, what difference has it made?

“The first thing I noticed when this large piece of glass went in was the bigger expansive light. Even on a cloudy day it makes the room much brighter and you don't have to put on lights. It's always there. You come down in the morning and all this light is filled in this room. It's absolutely beautiful. Around lunch time the light shines on my chair, it’s an excellent place to have a little snooze in the sun.”

Would you recommend other homeowners incorporate a rooflight into their own homes?

“I really don’t think you can do an extension without a rooflight, I really don’t. Well, I think you would be foolish too, otherwise, it’s just going to be dank and dark all the time and not good for your well-being. I want to walk in and say ‘oh, I like being here.'

If I hadn't included a rooflight I don’t think that room would’ve had the wow factor that it does now, I really think it makes your life much better.”

Create joy in your home with a rooflight today

The addition of a new, modern rooflight in Anna’s home has transformed how it looks and feels. It single-handedly rejuvenated the living space and gave Anna an area to relax and enjoy life.

Would you like the same in your home? If so, why not talk to our Daylight Experts today, they’ll be more than happy to reinvigorate your home and turn it into an area of pure joy. Get in touch with us today and move closer to making your dream project a reality. 

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